Pope Francis Calls Out Trump For DACA Decision, Quotes Bible To Blast ‘Stupid’ Climate Change Deniers

Pope Francis took aim at Donald Trump and other climate change deniers who refuse to believe that climate change is real and that it poses real problems for everyone. The pope also said during an in-flight news conference that Trump may not actually be “pro-life” because of his actions against DACA and the Dreamers.

The head of the Catholic Church was on his way back to the Vatican on Sunday after a five-day trip to Colombia when he saw the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma. That’s when the pope cited a passage from the Bible to describe these climate change deniers.

“Man is stupid, the Bible said.”

Pope Francis explained a bit more to the journalists on board the flight that man is “like that, when you don’t want to see, you don’t see.”

The pope also asked those who are doubtful that climate change is true to confer with scientists, who offer facts and not opinions. Pope Francis also said that these climate change deniers can decide after talking with the scientists and that “history will judge the decisions.”

It must be noted that Pope Francis and other officials of the Vatican asked Trump not to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord. The pope even gave Trump a copy of “Laudato Si,” his 2015 encyclical letter, which contained a call for people to act on the issue of global warming. Weeks after Trump and Pope Francis met, the U.S. president withdrew from the climate deal.

At a press briefing on Monday, White House officials somewhat evaded a question from a reporter regarding climate change. Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert was asked if the Trump administration has changed its position on climate change after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma devastated everything in their paths. Bossert refrained from answering the question directly but insisted that the administration is taking the issue of climate change “seriously.”

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders was also asked if Trump has reconsidered his stand on climate change because of the recent natural disasters. Sanders said that she doesn’t “think that its changed over the last several weeks.” She also said that she was unaware of any decision by Trump to reconsider the United States’ withdrawal from the climate deal.

Trump, who once said that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese, withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord last May. The climate accord aims for countries to reduce greenhouse emissions to prevent the worsening global warming. Trump said that the accord, which was signed during former President Barack Obama’s tenure, was bad for the country’s economy.

Pope Francis is not the only one castigating Trump for his stand on climate change. The recent winner of the Miss America pageant, Cara Mund of North Dakota, said during an onstage interview that Trump was wrong to pull out of the climate accord.

“There is evidence that climate change is existing and we need to be at that table,” Mund said.

Pope Francis also called out Trump for his actions against the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The pope joins a number of other known personalities who have voiced their concerns for the Trump administration’s decision to end DACA and put the future of thousands of children of undocumented immigrants at stake.

Trump, who claims to be pro-life, is the opposite of what he says he is, according to Pope Francis. The pope said that the move by Trump to end DACA, which will force affected families to be separated, isn’t pro-life.

“If he is a good pro-life believer, he must understand that family is the cradle of life and one must defend its unity.”

“I hope they rethink it a bit, Pope Francis said. “Because I heard the U.S. president speak, He presents himself as a person who is pro-life.”

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]