Suri Cruise 2017: Tom Cruise Reconnects With Daughter? Katie’s Ex Might Finally Quit Scientology

Tom Cruise has not been a part of Suri Cruise’s life for a long time and it is not because he was just busy working. The Mission: Impossible 6 actor’s absence is reportedly a result of his loyalty to Scientology, which was also the possible reason behind his failed marriage with Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes. But is he now ready to reunite with his young daughter?

According to In Touch, Tom Cruise is now trying to reconnect with Suri Cruise after being absent from her life for years. The site noted that the actor now wants to “re-establish his relationship with his daughter” and will start seeing her on a “regular basis.” The source then added that the 55-year-old actor is “ready to ramp up his relationship with her in a big way.”

However, despite the promising news, Gossip Cop quickly debunked the alleged father-daughter reunion. The site shared that Tom Cruise has no plans of reuniting with his daughter with Katie Holmes, stating that a reliable source revealed that the Mission: Impossible 6 actor is not reaching out to Suri Cruise at all.

Scientology is known for separating families once a member decided to leave the church. So when Katie Holmes ended her marriage from Tom Cruise, he was expected to disconnect from the actress and their only daughter.

Meanwhile, it has been previously reported that Tom Cruise might have finally cut his ties with the controversial church. When Scientology opened a new location in San Diego last year, the Jerry Maguire actor was nowhere to be found. Being the face of Scientology for years, many expected to see the Hollywood superstar at the event.

Since Tom Cruise was MIA in the important gathering, many speculated that the Mission: Impossible 6 actor may be slowly removing himself from the cult-like religion.

While Tom Cruise has yet to comment on these whispers and speculations, Katie Holmes has already been trying to put her past with her ex-husband behind her. The 38-year-old actress is now reportedly dating Jamie Foxx after her very public split from the Mission: Impossible 6 actor.

Although Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have never officially confirmed their relationship status, rumor has it that the duo might be ready to take things to the next level.

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