Why Some People Aren’t Happy About The New Royal Baby

After Kensington Palace made the announcement that Prince William and Princess Kate were expecting a new Royal baby, almost everyone was thrilled that a new little one would be joining Prince George and Princess Charlotte. But there are others concerned with the optics of Will and Kate adding a third child when the rest of Great Britain has to live under the British government’s new cap on child tax credits.

Obviously, the tax concerns of the masses don’t concern Prince William and Kate Middleton, but the rest of the British public is now living under the cap on child credits, which means that when you have up to two children, you receive a credit of approximately £2,780 per year, per child. But now for a third child, you get nothing.

So the appearance of Prince William and Kate Middleton announcing their third child right on the heels of the new legislation is not optimal. Michael Segalov of Huck Magazine shared his thoughts on the timing of the announcement.

“When news broke this morning that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were set to birth a third child, another royal spawn, the story left a bitter taste in this pleb’s mouth. Another royal baby? This privileged third child will get benefits but ours won’t.”

And the cap on the child credit is not the only reform for the British public, as there was a unilateral “belt-tightening” aimed at the poorest in the populace. A recent British study indicated that a third of the families affected by the two child limit are struggling to pay for their day to day expenses. Segalov says that this is not an issue that Will and Kate will ever have to think about.

“So while some will be digging out the bunting at the news that soon we’ll have another Prince or Princess to curtsey courteously in front of, excuse me if I’m a little slow to fly my Union Jack high and proud. The riches this third child will be adorned with at our expense will be limitless, while we’re told it’s unaffordable to keep others like it above the breadline.”

But the British government says there is some relief offered for those with more than two children in circumstances that include adoption, multiple births, and rape. A woman who can prove she was raped or in an abusive relationship can be exempt from the cap. But this caveat aside, not everyone was thrilled about the news of a new royal baby. Many tweeted their displeasure.

“Tory logic congratulates royals on a third child, stops ordinary third children getting tax credits.”

Some have argued that Prince William and Princess Kate’s lifestyle is not funded by tax money, but by the Duchy of Cornwall, run by Prince Charles, but some tax money does go to fund the Royals, directly or indirectly.


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And others on Twitter are pointing out that Prince William and Kate Middleton are largely unemployed, yet they are living large.

“Unemployed British couple expecting 3rd child and living in luxury won’t be affected by 2nd child only tax credit rule Absolute scandalous.”

While most still wish Prince William and Kate Middleton the best for the birth of their third child, the discussion about the disparity between rules for the Royals and the rules for the rest of the British public.

What do you think about the announcement of a third Royal baby for Prince William and Kate Middleton in light of the child credit cap?

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