Kenneka Jenkins Update: New Facebook Live Video Allegedly Shows Irene Roberts At North Chicago Police Station

Kenneka Jenkins is currently trending on Twitter. As reported by the Inquisitr, Kenneka was a 19-year-old teen whose body was discovered inside a hotel in Rosemont, Illinois. A Facebook Live video showing Kenneka at a hotel party prior to her death with other men and women in the room has gotten millions of views, and intrepid viewers claim to hear Jenkins as she allegedly called out for help. Reports of one woman claiming Kenneka was being raped in the bathroom as the Facebook Live video showed the woman speaking to the camera are also being alleged.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Facebook Live video has added a new element to the investigation, with investigators reviewing the video that appears to show Kenneka’s reflection in the mirrored sunglasses of a woman in the video, as the group hung out in a 9th floor hotel room inside the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel & Conference Center. Authorities are also reviewing surveillance videos from the hotel to uncover how Kenneka died – and talking to potential witnesses.

A new Facebook Live video has also emerged, and is going viral, which was reportedly recorded inside the North Chicago Police Station. Brittany Milot alleged that she witnessed Irene Roberts, one of the names on a viral list being spread around Twitter, at the police station.

Warning: The following Facebook Live video contains disturbing language.

On social media, a list of potential witnesses or suspects or people who were alleged to have attended the hotel party are being spread around, along with their reported addresses and birthdates. On Facebook, Monifah Shelton wrote a tribute to Kenneka, but received plenty of hateful comments about what social media users claim could have been her involvement or failure to protect Kenneka. Also on the viral list is Irene Roberts, and the above recording of a Facebook Live video – which has been removed from Facebook but is currently still viewable on YouTube – purports to show Irene in the police station.

Alleged talk of lifting Kenneka’s body, along with a potential $75,000 bail amount, is purportedly being bandied about in the video from the police station. There is also talk of witnesses owing no one any explanation about Kenneka’s death, except for Jenkins’ mother.

[Featured Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]