‘BB19’ Update: Are Christmas Abbott And Paul Abrahamian In A Showmance? Josh Questions Their Closeness [Video]

From Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson, or “Jody,” to Matthew Clines and Raven Walton, or “Maven,” the Big Brother 19 house has seen its share of showmances. Two current houseguests have been getting closer throughout the season, cuddling at night and playing with each other’s hair, causing some to speculate another showmance may be blooming.

On Monday afternoon, current BB19 Head of Household (HOH) Josh Martinez sat in bed and watched Christmas Abbott and Paul Abrahamian on the sofa. Paul could be seen on live feeds stroking Christmas’ hair as she laid her head in his lap.

In a recent Big Brother 19 episode, Josh was featured pondering why Christmas seems to be so dedicated to Paul. This likely prompted him to ask his two cast mates, “Are you guys in a showmance?”

Paul, appearing shocked at Josh’s query, responded with, “What?” This caused Josh to ask again if the two were in a showmance that he didn’t know about. Paul firmly said, “No fool.”

Christmas, still lying with her head in Paul’s lap, jumped in and asked Josh, “Why do you keep asking this?”

Still seemingly perplexed, Paul wondered aloud what he and Christmas had done to raise such suspicions in Josh. who noted he’s “talked about Paumas,” a showmance name for the two. Paul called him a “clown,” as Christmas chuckled, still curled up in the same position.

Josh then noted he’s “talked about Paumas,” a showmance name for his two friends. Paul called him a “clown,” as Christmas chuckled, still curled up in the same position.

Josh stated he thought they were a “trifecta,” but now he thinks he could be a “third wheel,” according to Big Brother fan site Joker’s Updates.

After Josh claimed he was just joking, Paul asked him to compare his and Christmas’ actions to other showmances in the house, noting, “You played yourself.”


See video below of Josh questioning Christmas and Paul about their relationship (Warning: Video contains strong language).

See below as Christmas and Paul cuddle and talk game play (Warning: Video contains strong language).

Josh is not the only individual who has questioned the relationship between Christmas and Paul, but some believe she alone has strong feelings for the bearded Big Brother veteran player. This is due to a late night chat Christmas had with live feed viewers just days ago in which she proclaimed she was feeling heartache in the house, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Nonetheless, Christmas and Paul’s relationship appears to simply be a close friendship at this point, as Paul has made mention, when speaking to live feed cameras, of someone he calls his “Little Burrito” as a possible love interest outside the house.

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