Dr. Will Kirby On Chairing 'BB19' Juror Deliberations, Wants Them To Feel A Connection To The Winners

Dr. Will Kirby was the winner of Big Brother Season 2 and has gone down in Big Brother history as one of the best players to have ever played the game. After all these years, no one can knock him off that elite list. He comes back year after year to meet with the jury members before the finale. Will is great at helping them discern their feelings and getting as many details out as he can.

The following may contain BB19 spoilers. If you don't want to know what may happen on the show, please stop reading now.

BB19 fans know the routine. There will be two more entering the jury house this week. That will put eight former houseguests joining Dr. Will Kirby for a candid discussion. According to Global TV, he understands that this is a very bitter and resentful jury, much like Season 4 when the members didn't want to vote for either of the final two. It will be his job to help the former houseguests figure out if they are resentful because they are hurt, or because they have regrets.

In the interview, Dr. Will shared that really, he doesn't care who wins. What matters to him is that the jurors have the opportunity to explore the feelings that led to the resentfulness they now feel. Some may feel used, while others may feel they were hurt by doing what others had asked of them. They may also be feeling betrayed after being evicted, having never been anything but loyal. He plans to get to the bottom of it all.

Some have compared Paul's BB19 game to that of the legendary Dr. Will. As for his thoughts, Will feels they couldn't be more different. He says he prefers a game based on intelligence, humor, and finesse. What he saw Paul execute was thrown competitions, bullying, and intimidation.
When asked why he keeps coming back to sit with the jurors each season, Dr. Will explained that it is like watching a basketball team go all the way to NBA finals and getting a chance to be on the sidelines during Game 7. It is too good to pass up. He gets to help the BB19 jury sort things out, and guide them, with his personal experiences, as well as the lessons he has learned over the years listening to the evictees.

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