Kenneka Jenkins Facebook Live Video: Kenneka’s ‘Help Me’ Cries – Plus Monifah Shelton Suicide Hoax [Graphic]

There are troubling Facebook Live videos emerging in the wake of the death of 19-year-old Kenneka Jenkins, as reported by BuzzFeed. The troubling Facebook Live video included below claims to contain the cries of Kenneka pleading for help, while alleged friends like Monifah Shelton reportedly turned up the music to drown out the pleas. The Facebook account named Royal Kqmob Wright has gotten plenty of attention after adding two photos and two videos listed with the name Jasmine Doswell. The videos alone have garnered more than 12 million views in less than 22 hours. (Update: The videos have been removed from Facebook, but a YouTube video showing the Facebook Live video is below.)

The Facebook Live video on the page of Royal has gotten so popular that according to BuzzFeed on Twitter, authorities say they are aware of the social media video of Jenkins being shared. While the investigation into the death of Kenneka is still being conducted by authorities, amateur sleuths online aren’t waiting for police to come up with answers. At a certain point in the video, as seen below from the Twitter account of Fameolous, and in full on YouTube, a woman can be seen speaking to Facebook Live viewers, as she wears mirrored sunglasses. At one point in the video, a toilet is heard being flushed, and what could potentially be the cries of Kenneka saying, “Help me.”

Warning: The below video is disturbing and contains offensive language.

Theories across social media claim that Jenkins was being sexually assaulted and choked at that point in the Facebook Live video, even though authorities have not confirmed those claims. According to BuzzFeed, Kenneka was found dead in a walk-in freezer in the Crown Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois, where one of the women in the video allegedly worked. Meanwhile, Kenneka’s mother claimed that the stories being told by the friends of Jenkins don’t add up, claiming that if Kenneka was too inebriated to function, she would not have been able to open the heavy doors of a walk-in freezer.

As reported by Newsone, theories about Irene Roberts are being floated around social media, along with lots of jealousy theories as motives. The publication points to tweets about Monifah, but claims that she committed suicide in the wake of Kenneka’s death are being called a hoax, according to Gossip on This, with the suicide claims allegedly created by a fake website.

Meanwhile, the Monifah Shelton Facebook page is still live as of this writing, with a photo showing Monifah with Kenneka Martin, which is the surname of Jenkins’ mother. The post, which was published on Sunday, September 10, claims that Shelton had a strong bond with Kenneka, with Shelton writing that Kenneka was the “sweet friend” while Monifah was the “mean friend.” Calling herself and Kenneka “sisters for life,” Monifah is now receiving plenty of hateful comments on Facebook from people who allege that Monifah set up Kenneka.

[Featured Image by Elise Amendola/AP Images]