‘Chicago Fire’ Season 6 Premiere: How Long Will Fans Wait To Learn Characters’ Fates?

It has been a long hiatus since Chicago Fire Season 5. Fans have looked for any clues that could share the fates of the four fire fighters potentially losing their lives in the Season 6 premiere. With the premiere arriving in less than a month, fans want to know how long they’ll need to wait until the characters’ fates are revealed?

There is some good news. The fate of one character is already known. As the Inquisitr previously reported, executive producer Derek Haas shared information about Kelly Severide in the next season. That leaves just three fates in the air. One of those characters, Casey, is in the main promo poster for Season 6, suggesting that there are just two characters potentially leaving.

How long will viewers need to wait to find out about Mouch and Herrmann? Well, it turns out that it won’t be too long. Their fates will be shared in the first five minutes of the Chicago Fire Season 6 premiere, according to Haas.

The episode will open with Gabby, which is where it closed in the Season 5 finale. The scene will then expand, according to Hollywood Life, showing Cruz and Boden’s desperation. Cruz is devastated, as he and Mouch left things on bad terms due to an issue with the union and an action taken against Cruz through work.


After that, all the events involving the fire will play out. Fans will get to see who makes it out alive and how that happens. After that, there will be a time jump. This is to bring the season up to the current-day timeline, working with the four-month break that fans have had from the show.


It is possible that all will make it out alive, but not all will remain for Chicago Fire Season 6. Haas has confirmed that at least one person is leaving, but he won’t share how or why.

Who do you think will survive the fire? Who is leaving the show permanently?


Don’t forget that there is a night change for the show. Fire will now air on Thursdays, while spin-off P.D. will remain on Wednesdays. Chicago Med Season 3, meanwhile, will arrive in 2018.

Chicago Fire Season 6 premieres on September 28 at 10/9c on NBC.

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