‘BB19’ Hostess Julie Chen Shares Her Thoughts On The Game And The Upcoming Celebrity Edition This Winter

Big Brother fans have watched Julie Chen run the show since the beginning of the series. She enters the game through the television in the living room of the BB19 house for announcements and evictions. Everyone wants to meet Julie, but not too soon.

The following may contain BB19 spoilers. If you don’t want to know what might make it onto the show, please stop reading now.

Each week, Julie Chen shares her thoughts on what is going on in the BB19 game. As the face of Big Brother, she has seen it all over the years. According to Entertainment Weekly, she shared her thoughts on Raven’s gameplay this season. She says that Raven didn’t have a game. Crickets. Raven thought that throwing comps for Paul was gameplay when, in fact, she did nothing her entire time in the BB19 house that would qualify as gameplay.

When asked about Jason and what might have happened if he had been given five minutes in the BB19 house, Julie reminded readers that there is a reason the evicted houseguest must immediately exit the house. Jason would have gone back in screaming at those he blamed for his eviction. Basically, he would have blamed everyone except Kevin. Julie said that she thinks he would have been flipping furniture and tossing couches in the BB19 house as he screamed.

Josh had taken quite a tongue-lashing from Paul after Jason’s eviction. Of course, it was all staged and only benefited Paul. Julie feels that Josh should use that to go back to Christmas and again try to point out that Paul is out for Paul. The thing is, Christmas is so into Paul and his game, she won’t listen.


Julie thinks that Christmas is the type of competitor that wants others to fear her. She is willing to look them in the eye as she strikes, and won’t back down. While that makes watching her interesting, it isn’t always best for her game.


Remember that Celebrity Big Brother was just announced. Julie shared that they had discussed doing a celebrity show a couple of times before but it never came to be. Now, the Big Brother franchise is in a position to start a new spin-off, and she is looking forward to the winter show.

Are you looking forward to the introduction of Celebrity Big Brother? What do you think of Paul berating Josh and Josh taking the blame in front of the other BB19 houseguests? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Johnny Vy/CBS]