Elon Musk Shares Second Look At His SpaceX Suit, Unveils Crew Dragon 2 Spaceship

Elon Musk is making a splash on social media after he posted a surprise second look at the SpaceX suit he is developing on Instagram as well as the spaceship the company is currently developing.

Almost one month ago, the SpaceX boss allowed his Instagram followers to be the first to catch a glimpse of his space suit that is fully functional and is definitely “not a mockup.” In fact, the business man and inventor revealed that he has already tested the suit to double vacuum pressure.

In the post, the 46-year-old business magnate and inventor admitted that he had a difficult time balancing aesthetics and function when using the suit and explained that it was “easy to do either separately.”

At the time, Elon Musk had not revealed whether or not the space suit was designed to be used by NASA astronauts when riding the company’s Crew Dragon Capsule to and from the International Space Station, a previous report from The Verge noted.

However, the mogul has recently shared yet another image of the SpaceX suit on the social media platform, providing not only the full view of the innovative suit but also a quick look at the spaceship he intends it to be used with.

According to The Verge, the SpaceX CEO plans to employ the suit, which he promises to be stylish and functional at the same time, in NASA’s Commercial Crew Program. On top of that, the image also showcases the company’s Crew Dragon 2 capsule, which means he plans to have astronauts use it while riding the spaceship that is currently in development at SpaceX.

Based on data gathered by the outlet, Elon Musk’s SpaceX suits are actually pressure suits that are needed primarily during emergency situations during flight inside the Crew Dragon. Citing one example, the outlet explained that astronauts will have a better chance at surviving should the space craft suddenly depressurize while wearing the suit because it is designed to keep them stay alive until they get to safety.

But while the suit initially holds people’s attention after seeing the second image, a second glance at it reveals that the 46-year-old inventor had also been busy building a ship to match. Geek Wire notes that the Crew Dragon featured in the Instagram post looks a quite different from the robotic Dragon 1 currently being utilized to transfer cargo to and from the International Space Station.

Very little specifics about Elon Musk’s SpaceX suit have been made public, per The Verge, though Musk promises to release more details about it in the days to come.

Geek Wire revealed that, if everything goes as planned, the suit and ship should be ready to be tried out in space by 2018.

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[Featured Image by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images]