September 11 Attack: $2.3 Trillion Reportedly Missing, New Reports Alleged 9/11 Links With Saudi Arabia

Disclaimer: Following article contains graphic images.

It’s been 16 years since the September 11 terror attack, and the internet is still providing new conspiracy theories every other day. After the carnage of the 9/11 attack, different theories allegedly blamed different powerful government officials, and some even reportedly suggested that the U.S. government might have been behind those attacks.

Of course, these theories can easily be debunked as speculation and nonsense, but there are many conspiracy theorists who still believe that the disappearance of a trillion dollars points to a more sinister side of the attack.

According to a conspiracy theory, the day before the 9/11 attack, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld admitted the Pentagon managed to somehow lose $2.3 trillion from its budget. This would have been a massive story during that time, but it was completely forgotten the next day as the entire world witnessed the attacks on the Twin Towers.

“According to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions,” Rumsfeld admitted.

Not only this, different conspiracy theorists argued the involvement of the different powerful bodies in the attack. Some even spread false reports that the officials hijacked a plane and crashed it into the Pentagon to destroy all the evidence of the missing $2.3 trillion.

A reporter on Now Daily said the following.

“We know for a fact the day before September 11 Rumsfeld came out and told us all there was $2.3trillion (£1.72trillion) missing.

“What happened the next day?

“Accounting offices in the Pentagon were blown up and accounting offices based in New York building in the World Trade Centre were demolished.”

911 terror attack on united states of america

Many theorists even believe that the missing trillions were reportedly spent on deep space exploration programs.

“We cannot track” does not officially mean that the money is missing from the government account. It simply meant that their system was out of date and was not compatible with each other during that time. In order to keep track, they would have to do it manually. The $2.3 trillion is not missing; it went into the Pentagon and the different products and services came out from it.

When Donald Rumsfeld mentioned the missing $2.3 trillion, he did not mean the money was stolen — he meant lost. However, it’s really just about the way the money was accounted for.

Meanwhile, a recent report from New York Post via Al Jazeera suggests the deep connections between the 9/11 attack with Saudi Arabia. New evidence in a 9/11 lawsuit against the Saudi government alleges the embassy in Washington may have funded a test run for the deadly attacks.

Southwest E-ring of the Pentagon building September 11, 2001

The evidence was submitted as part of a class-action lawsuit against the government of Saudi Arabia, and it alleges that the embassy paid for two Saudi nationals to fly from Phoenix to Washington two years before planes hit the Pentagon, World Trade Center, and slammed into in Pennsylvania as part of a “dry run.”

An international disputes attorney, Waleed Nassar, who represents two Saudi Arabia’s charities, said that “the evidence, along with much of what has been submitted, is innuendo and circumstantial.”

According to the reports, during the flight in November of 1999, the Saudis were reported to have attempted to get into the plane’s cockpit to test its security. According to the Post’s claims, the onboard pilots made an emergency landing due to this, and the men were later interrogated by the FBI agents.

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