UN General Assembly To Appoint Hero Of Holocaust Deniers, Alfred de Zayas, To Human Rights Commission

Only the United Nations would have the nerve to appoint Alfred de Zayas to be the Human Rights Council’s “Independent Expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order.” The HRC, famous for passing hundreds of resolutions denouncing Israel while ignoring genocide elsewhere, includes Bangladesh, China, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Cuba and Turkey, all notorious human rights violators.

Dr. Alfred de Zayas built his career on a combination of slandering the Bible, trivializing the Jewish people, denouncing the Allies in World War II for war crimes against the Germans, and demanding Israel be expelled from the United Nations. He accused Churchill and Roosevelt of genocide against the Germans and constantly refers to world leaders he dislikes as “Pharisees,” a Biblical tern often used by those who accuse the Jewish people of killing Christ.

The Human Rights Council has a history of members who engage in antisemitic activities. In 2011, US academic Richard Falk, a UN Special Rapporteur to the Human Rights Council, published a cartoon of a dog wearing a Kippah (the head covering worn by Jewish Men) adorned with a Star of David. The dog is depicted urinating on a blindfolded woman holding the scales of justice while feasting on human remains.

Falk, who is Jewish, is also a 9/11 truther, and he has been reprimanded by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon on several occasions for his antisemitic comments and for accusing the US of responsibility for blowing up the World Trade Center.

Yet, it is business as usual on the UNHRC. Falk still has his job, Alfred de Zayas is being appointed, and the endless resolutions against Israel continue. Boko Haram in Nigeria is ignored along with the oppression of 10 million Copts in Egypt and the Islamist genocide in Africa. Hugo Chavez and the Castro brothers continue to arm rebels, seize private property, close down the free press, imprison opponents, and destabilize Latin America and South America without a word from the Human Rights Council.

The UN Human Rights commission is a tool in the hands of tyrants, used as a hammer to pound the United States and Israel while largely ignoring the horrors that plague our planet. Recently, Saudi Arabia, a member of the Human Rights commission, decapitated a woman in a public square with a sword for witchcraft.


Here is a small sample of the pronouncements of Alfred de Zayas:

“Moses had such a rough time bringing the Jewish people across the Red Sea because half of them were busy picking up pretty shells.” (Source)

“Churchill and Roosevelt connived at ‘a form of genocide’ against the Germans.”

“The World War II Allies who fought Nazi Germany should have been prosecuted for ‘barbarous’ and ‘gruesome’ crimes; the Nuremberg Court that judged Nazi war criminals had ‘hardly any legitimacy.’ “

“Nuremberg was an exercise in hypocrisy. A continuation of hate and war … a corruption of legal norms and procedures, a pollution of philosophy, a truly Pharisee tribunal.” (Source)

“Israel emerged out of terrorism against the indigenous population and its representatives should be denied U.N. accreditation.” (Source)

” America bears “responsibility for the destabilization of … countries in the Middle East.”

“George W. Bush and Tony Blair too are Pharisees.” (Source)

“The Old Testament is characterized by ‘cruelty’ and ‘profound unreligiousity,’ its patriarchs ‘equipped with divine legitimacy and justification to take our promised Lebensraum by force.’ ” (Source)

UN Watch — a respected Geneva-based, United Nations-accredited NGO –is leading the opposition to Dr. de Zayas. UN Watch is highly critical of the conduct the Human Rights Council, and they are demanding the General Assembly withdraw the appointment of Alfred de Zayas. They urge the United States to take all possible steps to block yet another extremist from holding a position of power in the United Nations and put an end to the fraud of the HRC.

“To undo this wrong, tomorrow U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice should lead the world’s democracies in calling for a vote on the omnibus resolution—which includes the appointment of Zayas—and vote No.”