’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Tell-All Part 3 Recap: Jorge Says He’s Embarrassed About Anfisa’s Job

The five 90 Day Fiance couples bared it all in the concluding part of the show’s “Tell-All” special on Sunday night. Jorge and Anfisa’s marital problems took center stage, as Jorge threatened to expose his Russian wife’s darkest secrets. Missed the explosive episode? Read on for our full recap below!

Did Anfisa Cheat On Jorge?

Jorge is definitely acting like a scorned husband. When host Shaun Robinson asks him why he’s boiling with anger, Jorge finally says it: Anfisa cheated on him. He explains that he never really caught Anfisa going out with another guy, but he did see her flirty texts. He adds that Anfisa even confessed to him at one point.

Meanwhile, Anfisa just keeps rolling her eyes and shaking her head. She denies Jorge’s accusations and calls him a liar.

Anfisa’s “Embarrassing” Job

Later, the other couples are sent backstage so Jorge and Anfisa can sit face-to-face and address their issues. Here, Jorge drops another bomb. He says Anfisa began to change ever since he gave her money to get breast implants. But the shocking revelations don’t end there.

“Ask her what she does for a living,” Jorge tells the host, hinting that this is probably Anfisa’s deepest secret. Upset with her husband’s “lies,” Anfisa walks out of the set.

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However, Jorge doesn’t want to directly say what Anfisa’s job really is. He leaves the host and his co-stars guessing.

“It’s already out there. Find it,” Jorge tells the other 90 Day Fiance couples.

“What would you guess? If you looked at her on the street, what would you guess she does? It’s embarrassing to me not only to her because I feel like it’s degrading to have a wife that does a certain thing for a living.”

Pedro Defends His Family

The 90 Day Fiance co-stars weigh in on the issue about Pedro sending money to his family. Danielle asks Chantel why she’s so upset about her husband being so generous to his family. Chantel reiterates that she and Pedro live in a small studio apartment while his family is living off their money. Later, she says she’s done with the drama and just wants to move on.

However, it seems that Chantel and Pedro’s drama is far from over. Pedro reveals that his sister is coming to the U.S. soon. This is the same sister who called Chantel nasty names back in the Dominican Republic.

Mohamed Plans to “Disappear”

After the “Tell-All” panel, Mohamed quickly walks out of the studio. He says he just wants to quietly move on with his life, deactivate his social media accounts, and “disappear.” But Danielle won’t let him. She tries to run after her ex-husband.

“Mohamed still owes me money for my lawyer’s fees. He’s trying to hide. I want that money that he owes me and I’m not gonna let him leave today without getting an answer.”

Danielle fails to catch Mohamed, which leaves her devastated. She breaks down in tears on her way home.

More After-Show Drama

During the ride home, Alexei expresses how upset he is with Loren for the way she handled the “Tell-All” interview. He thinks his wife said more things that she should have, but Loren is unapologetic.

“I wanted to make sure that I get all my messages across. Whether I sounded good or bad, I don’t f****** care.”

Meanwhile, Jorge and Anfisa stay in the same hotel room and talk about what happened. Jorge feels he hasn’t gotten the closure that he wants. He threatens that he has a lot more secrets to spill. Anfisa is hurt that her husband would want to destroy her. She points out that despite her anger, she didn’t say anything bad about him during the “Tell-All.”

Danielle Sues Mohamed

One week after they filmed the “Tell-All” special, Danielle is seen going through her binder of evidence against Mohamed. She’s obviously disappointed that she didn’t get the two things she wanted from Mohamed: an apology and money for her lawyer fees.

“Mohamed has not apologized or admit that he was wrong. Mohamed will never give me that.”

Danielle’s next plan of action: to sue Mohamed. She tries to call him, but Mohamed’s phone is “not in service.” Evidently, Mohamed has changed his number and made true of his plan to walk away and never look back.

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After much tears and hysterics, it’s a wrap for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 2. What did you think of the “Tell-All” special? Do you think Jorge and Anfisa could still make their marriage work? Sound off your thoughts in the comments section below!

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