Kristen Bell Of Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Continues Good Deeds, Goes To Shelter To Perform For Hurricane Irma Evacuees

There are millions of people currently dealing with Hurricane Irma as it slams almost the entirety of Florida and actress Kristen Bell happens to be one of them, but she isn’t just sitting by. Some may have already heard about her helping out the parents of Josh Gad, her co-star in Disney’s Frozen, and actress Jennifer Carpenter’s family as well. On Saturday, she helped out many more people by giving them entertainment and singing at an evacuee shelter.

Bell has been in Orlando filming her next movie Like Father and she’s turned into a bit of a fairy godmother the last couple of days. Stranded due to Hurricane Irma, she first helped rescue the parents and other family members of Gad who needed to find a place to get out of the storm.

Next up, she helped out the grandmother and aunt of Dexter actress Jennifer Carpenter who needed to find a way out of the path of Irma, as reported by Fox News. She wasn’t going to stop there, though, as Saturday may have been her biggest good deed of all.

While a county-wide curfew went into effect in Orlando at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday evening, Bell went out earlier in the day to deliver some hope and smiles to other Irma evacuees.

kristen bell disney's frozen perform hurricane irma evacuees shelter

As reported by PEOPLE, Bell made her way to Meadow Woods Middle School to not just visit everyone, but to perform for them as well. She didn’t want them to just sit around doing nothing, so, she broke out one of the tunes that everyone knows best – “For The First Time In Forever” from Disney’s Frozen.

Making matters even better is that Bell was not shy about sharing the stage with those in attendance.

She said that she wanted everyone to have some songs running through their heads for the rest of the day. Bell hoped that her performance would help “take your mind off [Irma].”

The songs of Disney’s Frozen are some of those that just remain with you and most people can’t help but know the words to them. Knowing that they are being sung to you directly from one of the celebrity voices makes it that much better.

While there were millions of people who fled multiple cities in Florida, Bell had no way to get out and it led to her staying at a resort near Epcot for a few more days. She wasn’t going to let her misfortune get her down, though, and she wanted to give back to others.

Kristen Bell has done a lot for many people during the path and horrors of Hurricane Irma, but, she isn’t just there for other celebrities. Many of those in Central Florida needed to evacuate their homes and get to safer dwellings which meant going to shelters such as Meadow Woods Middle School. Little did they know that they would be serenaded by none other than Anna herself from Disney’s Frozen. It goes to show you that even in scary situations, the good hearts of others continue to show.

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]