‘L.A. Noire’ Re-Release Announced For Xbox One, PlayStation 4, And Nintendo Switch

Earlier this week, Rockstar Games, best known for their work on the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption series, announced that they would be re-releasing L.A. Noire, their detective adventure game, which was set during the 1940s.

Originally released in May, 2011, to critical acclaim, L.A. Noire followed the career of Cole Phelps (played by Mad Men‘s Aaron Staton), a decorated World War II veteran who returns to Los Angeles following his tour of duty. Starting off as a simple patrolman within the Los Angeles Police Department, Cole successfully solves a high profile murder case, resulting in his promotion to detective.

Throughout the course of the game, players solve crimes from a handful of police departments, including vice, arson, traffic, and homicide. Using proprietary motion capture technology, Rockstar Games and developer Team Bondi were able to scan actual performances from actors into the game, preserving their facial movements and voice acting. When interrogating suspects, the player must pay close attention to witnesses and their body and facial language, in order to determine if a suspect is lying or telling the truth. At the end of each case, Phelps must arrest a suspect, and regardless of whether or not the actual perpetrator was arrested, the game will continue on, as opposed to restarting the case.


Each new version of L.A. Noire will include the original game and downloadable content, though each platform will have minor differences. For example, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions feature enhanced lighting and clouds, higher resolution textures, and updated camera angles. For those playing on PlayStation 4 Pro and the upcoming Xbox One X, the game will display in 4K.


On the other hand, the Nintendo Switch version will feature gyroscopic and gesture controls, and will take advantage of the HD rumble features of the system’s Joy-Con controllers. For those playing in handheld mode, you’ll be able to take advantage of touch-screen controls during specific sections. An HTC Vive version of the game is also in development, which will include new cases which are specifically designed for virtual reality.

L.A Noire is set to re-release on November 14, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. This new version will retail for $39.99 on Sony and Microsoft platforms, while the Nintendo Switch version will cost $49.99.

[Featured image by Rockstar Games]