Josh Duggar Resurfaces To Congratulate Joseph, Says More Duggar Weddings In Store

Josh Duggar made a rare online appearance with wife Anna in a video filmed to congratulate newly weds Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell.

Joe Duggar married Kendra at a well-attended gathering on Friday, about a month before the publicly announced wedding date. Ever since after the wedding, speculation about Josh Duggar’s presence at the event has garnered attention. Fans and critics remain divided over the way Duggar family will handle reactions to Josh’s sightings. At Jinger Duggar’s wedding last year, cameramen reportedly avoided filming Josh even as efforts were allegedly made to edit him out on tape.

Things for Josh have since changed. Compared to last year, the oldest Duggar child of television stars Jim-Bob and Michelle Duggar has been featured more often in 2017 on his family’s social media accounts. Wife Anna’s pregnancy was widely billed as Josh’s return ticket to small screen.

In the video Josh and Anna filmed for Joe and Kendra, Josh let Anna talk for about 20 seconds before interrupting her address to the camera.

“That’s 2 out of 10 boys that are married. There’s lot more to go, there’s lot more Duggar weddings in the future,” Josh says in the video. Like every post concerning Josh Duggar, his new video drew mixed reactions.

“I love seeing Josh and Anna. Such a beautiful example of God’s redemptive abilities in our lives. So awesome to see how they sought God in the midst of their hardest times. Very inspiring! God bless,” a viewer commented on the video.

“Let’s hope Joe treats his wife better than Josh,” reads one of the critical comments the video received.

Josh Duggar was in the thick of a scandal when allegations of him, during teenage, fondling minor girls, including four of his sisters, surfaced. TLC was forced to stop airing of 19 Kids & Counting, while Josh had to withdraw from public glare. In the recent past, he made headlines again when it was revealed Josh’s sisters Jill, Jessa, Jinger and Joy-Anna did not want him alongside them in a lawsuit challenging disclosure of their identities as their brother’s victims.

Though Duggar family members have shown more of Josh and his growing family to Counting On followers this year, it appears they remain cautious about exposing him. In the Facebook image that linked to Joseph and Kendra’s congratulatory video messages on the Duggar family website, Josh and Anna Duggar are missing. It is only when one clicks the link can one find their video in an inconspicuous location at the bottom of the page.

The video also suggests Anna Duggar remains pregnant and is yet to give birth. Fans suspect she is due any time. Josh Duggar announced his wife’s pregnancy with baby No. 5 in March, putting Anna Duggar in the line of criticism.

All that said, the moot question remains – will Josh Duggar return to television? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Danny Johnston/AP Images]