Actress Chrissy Metz Talks Fashion And Why She Won’t Apologize For Her Wardrobe

This is Us actress Chrissy Metz has made a name for herself as a successful, positive influence on those around her. Chrissy has become a prime time hero to many and fans everywhere look up to her. A huge topic of interest everyone likes to discuss with Metz is her weight, how she deals with it and her choices in fashion.

If one pays close attention to Chrissy and how she chooses to dress, it can be noted you won’t see her in pants much. Yahoo! Style shared Chrissy’s thoughts on pants. Metz says she does not like wearing them at all. Having grown up in sunny, hot Florida, Chrissy says it was too hot to wear pants and nobody wanted to put them on. Metz describes pants as “leg prisons.”

Not only does Chrissy like to skip the pants and wears mostly dresses, Metz is learning to branch out with her wardrobe choices and is choosing more edgy, colorful patterns. Chrissy is redefining how plus size women everywhere are dressing. In fact, according to People, it is her love for fashion and making people feel comfortable that has led her to include creating a clothing line in her ten year plan.

Chrissy went on to say she wants to make clothes she would want to wear and refuses to sell anything she wouldn’t. Metz has been learning to step out of her comfort zone and that has been proven by how far she has come. She admitted that sometimes being larger that “you want to hide sometimes.” Metz says she wanted to start wearing colorful items and not just boring black clothes that fit. That is exactly what she did.

One dress Chrissy wore to the 2017 MTV Movie and TV Awards had everyone talking and now months later Metz is speaking out about her red latex dress choice. Yahoo! Style shared Chrissy’s reasoning behind wearing that dress. Not only does she like latex and think it’s cool, Chrissy said, “The Kardashians do it; why can’t I?” Critics were fired up over her dress choice and to this day Chrissy remains unapologetic. In May she responded to the critics via Twitter saying she will wear what she wants to, when she wants to.

Fans continue to support Chrissy and she continues to inspire them. Everyone will never forget that first epic glimpse into the life of Kate Pearson when during the first episode of This is Us Chrissy stepped unclothed onto a scale. That vulnerable moment resonated with fans everywhere and continues to do so.

Season 2 of This is Us is almost upon us and fans can’t wait to continue to follow Chrissy’s journey as Kate in her quest for a healthier life.

This is Us returns to NBC on September 26.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]