Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Divorce: Actress Still ‘Possessive’ Over Pitt, Would Hurt If Star Moved On

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt continue on in their difficult divorce proceedings, while rumors continue to fly about reconciliations in addition to those which are in full contradiction to that, like recent rumors that Pitt can’t wait to be done with the divorce and Jolie.

The latest seems to involve the feelings that the UN special envoy still has for the Allied star and how torn up she would be if the father to her six children moved on in love.

An insider has relayed to Hollywood Life that Angelina is “dreading” the day that Brad moves on in a new relationship. The source goes on to add that, even though it was Angelina who announced she was filing for divorce from the Hollywood heartthrob, she still feels a “possession” over the star.

“Even though it was Angelina’s decision to split with Brad, she still feels possessive when it comes to him, and Angelina has a jealous streak in her, so if Brad has moved on to another woman, it’s definitely going to sting.”

The insider continues to relay that the conversations that the former A-list couple have are mainly regarding the children and “He or she will call if there is something important to discuss regarding the kids, but that’s about it.” Other than that, communication is infrequent and the source states that it is rare that Brad and Angelina ” drive the children to and from each other’s houses, they have staff do that.”

In addition to both being on the same page about putting their children’s needs first, it seems that the stars are also of the same mind when it comes to moving on. Although Pitt may not feel “possessive” over Angelina, he is reportedly a bit fearful as to what a new romance will bring. Brad is not keen on falling in love again only to have his heart broken as badly as it was by Jolie.

The beauty blindsided Pitt last September when she announced to the masses that she was filing for divorce and seeking full physical custody of their children. Following this announcement, the divorce proceedings got off to a stormy start and Pitt became the subject of an FBI investigation for alleged child abuse, for which he was cleared.

However, Brad Pitt has moved forward positively and sought addictions counseling, which has put him on better terms with his estranged wife and has allowed him more time with his children, as was relayed by the star earlier this year in an interview with GQ.

[Featured Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images]