‘The Flash’ Season 4: Release Date, Spoilers, And Plot Details Emerge On Barry And Iris

The Flash Season 4, Episode 1 drops on CW next month on October 10. Ahead of the highly anticipated release date, The Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg gave up some spoilers about the fourth season, which includes an update on Barry and Iris’s relationship.

After Team Flash defeated Savitar in the third season finale, Barry had to sacrifice himself by going into the speed force. Barry had to replace the vacuum in the speed force to prevent the destruction of Central City. With the decision he made at Flashpoint to go back to the past, Barry acknowledges he is ultimately responsible for everything that happened and says goodbye to his friends and family.

Therefore, going into the next season, Iris is left in charge of Team Flash while Wally is the resident speedster of Central City.

Season 4 of The Flash will begin with a time jump and Barry’s return. This will cause conflict in Barry and Iris’s relationship as she has become accustomed to being in charge. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg tells Entertainment Weekly that Barry and Iris end up going to couple’s therapy. Kreisberg describes the therapy as the “funniest stuff” done in the series, but it also marks a development in their relationship.


The biggest spoiler of The Flash Season 4 is that Barry and Iris will finally marry. Kreisberg told EW the following.

“They are finally going to get married this season and then it’s going to be: Can they stay married with everything that’s coming up against them?”

It looks like the bad news for Iris and Barry is that something will get in the way of their happiness. When we last saw Caitlin Snow, she seemed to have Killer Frost under control but decided to leave Team Flash to discover her new identity.

Kreisberg revealed that Caitlin recommended therapy for Barry and Iris, which suggests that she is back on the team. It seems like Caitlin and Killer Frost have merged into one, some fan theories have suggested that Caitlin will be able to control her abilities and the producers have sort of confirmed it.

There will be no speedster villain in Season 4; Barry and Team Flash will be up against The Thinker. The producers of The Flash teased it as the fastest man versus the fastest mind. Barry and Team Flash are up against an enemy they can’t outrun, and thus will have to formulate a plan to outthink The Thinker.

The Flash Season 4 has a release date: October 10 on CW.

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