Hurricane Irma Livestreams: Where To Find Live Web Cameras Of The Storm, Streaming News And Weather Updates

Those who want to watch livestream video of Hurricane Irma as it blasts through Florida will have plenty of options, with dozens of live cameras broadcasting streaming video plus a number of options to follow news of the storm.

The hurricane, one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes of all time and the strongest ever to strike southern Florida, is expected to make landfall in the state in the early hours on Sunday. The latest projection has Hurricane Irma traveling directly through the eastern portion of the state, though the storm is so large that no area will escape its wrath.

Bryan Norcross, a hurricane specialist with The Weather Channel, wrote in a Facebook post that in addition to powerful winds and rain, the hurricane is expected to bring a potentially deadly storm surge. He noted that the Naples/Fr. Myers/Cape Coral area has the potential to host the worst hurricane in history, and Irma “is going to come close.” He noted that the storm surge is expected to reach between eight and 10 feet in some low-lying areas, swift-moving water that will be strong enough to sweep buildings away.

That is even more dangerous given that many structures in Southwestern Florida are not built to withstand the 150 mile per hour winds the storm is expected to bring, Norcross wrote.

There are more than a dozen operational live cameras throughout the path of destruction, and NOLA listed some of those most likely to show the full strength of Irma. The report noted that all of these streams were working as of Friday, but could face technical problems or blackout when the brunt of the hurricane hits them.

Some of the best options for livestreaming video from Hurricane Irma can be found below:

Two Friends Roof Top Key West

Marathon web cam (Key West)

University of Tampa web cam

Melbourne Beach web cam

While many of the livestream videos of Hurricane Irma are largely for the curiosity of those watching, there are also a number of options for people who want to watch news and weather coverage of the storm.

The New York Times will also be offering free access to its news coverage of the storm, with the newspaper dropping its paywall in an effort to share updates more easily.


More options for livestream video of Hurricane Irma can be found here.

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