Jamie Foxx Allegedly Feels Guilty For Betraying Tom Cruise Friendship With Katie Holmes Romance?

Jamie Foxx seemed rather nervous after going public with his romance to Katie Holmes, which is why the actor has allegedly reached out to Tom Cruise in the hopes to end the supposed tension between them.

According to Radar Online, Jamie Foxx and Katie have been dating for years, and while they never went public with their relationship, photos continued to emerge as the months went by, and by early September, the couple just couldn’t hide it anymore.

After being spotted out in Malibu together, holding hands, it seemed that Jamie Foxx was ready to go public, but according to insiders, the actor feels bad that Tom is now receiving so much attention with everyone aware that Holmes has a new man.

That wouldn’t have bothered Jamie Foxx if he hadn’t shared a close bond with Cruise prior to deciding to embark on a full-on romance with his friend’s ex-wife.

Jamie had considered Tom a pal, but as his romance with Holmes grew, it seemed that the only thing the Hollywood star could do is distance himself from his former co-star to avoid any drama between Tom, his Scientology religion, and Katie, of course.

Radar Online explains that Jamie Foxx is desperate to reach out to Cruise, letting him know that he had no ill intentions when he fell in love with Holmes and that while he hopes they can still remain cordial under those terms, he would also be okay if that wasn’t the end case.


So long as Tom knows that Jamie Foxx didn’t try to go behind his pal’s back to date his ex-wife, that’s all that the Ray actor hopes for.

It’s believed that Tom and Jamie Foxx haven’t spoken in years, and that wouldn’t come as a surprise since Katie has been dating her beau since 2014, according to multiple reports.

At this point, considering that there’s a child involved, Jamie Foxx doesn’t want to stand in the way of Tom and his daughter, and as his relationship with Katie continues to grow, it would mean the world to him for the three of them to be cordial with one another.

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