Gwen Stefani Not Pregnant With Blake Shelton’s Baby, But Actively Trying Ahead Of Alleged Wedding

Gwen Stefani is not pregnant with Blake Shelton’s baby, but that doesn’t mean that the couple hasn’t been trying to conceive.

According to Hollywood Life, Gwen Stefani is still head over heels in love with the The Voice coach, whom she met on the talent show back in 2015.

The duo has grown so close that they’ve been living together since last year, and while initial rumors first came about last summer that the couple was planning to have a child, a rep for Gwen Stefani quickly denied those reports.

Now, however, it seems as if expanding her family is the next goal for the couple, as rumors concerning a future wedding continue to circulate in the tabloids.

From what a Hollywood Life source has gathered, Gwen Stefani is more than ready to have a child with Blake Shelton.

The chemistry she shares with him is undeniable, and the fact that Blake has gotten along so well with her boys has assured her that having another child wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.

Supposedly, Gwen Stefani had initially worried that her age would complicate the process of getting pregnant, but even if that were to be the case, there are plenty of options that the singer could take to make her dream of having Blake’s child happen.

It’s been said that Gwen Stefani and Shelton have actively been trying for a baby, and though it’s been rumored that the “Hollaback Girl” songstress is already pregnant, sources close to the duo have firmly denied those reports, stressing there’s no truth to any of it.

Again, that has not ruled out the supposed fact that they are trying for a baby.

One of Gwen Stefani’s biggest concerns was how her children would feel if she was to welcome another baby into the world, and judging by how they have been around Blake since the country star started dating their mother, they have embraced him with open arms.

Gwen Stefani feels like Blake has blended into their family effortlessly, but it goes without saying that having a child with Shelton is something that’s definitely in the works right now, the source concludes.

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