‘The Good Place’ Season 2 Spoilers: After Final Cliffhanger, Another Season-Long Mystery Could Await

The Good Place is set to start Season 2 as a very different (and much darker) comedy, and new spoilers indicate that the giant twist revealed at the end of the first season could lead to some major upheaval in the afterlife and a new season-long mystery.

WARNING: The Good Place spoilers are ahead. If you haven’t finished watching the first season, you may want to proceed with caution.

Fans of The Good Place fell in love with the witty comedy that followed Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason through their travails in the afterlife, where the bumbling Michael tried his best to keep his own personal version of heaven in order.

Then all of that was thrown on its head in the final episode, when it was revealed to viewers (at least, those who didn’t pick up on the clues being dropped all season) that Michael’s creation wasn’t The Good Place at all, but instead The Bad Place, specially designed to drive the four main characters crazy by pitting them against one another.

So where does the show go from here? With just a little less than two weeks until the premiere of Season 2 of The Good Place, there are some potential spoilers that point to an even more evil afterlife.

Entertainment Weekly posted a clip from the first episode of Season 2, showing Eleanor picking up where she left off at the end of the first season.


“As you will see, Eleanor found the note she wrote to herself in a panic and slipped into the mouth of Janet (D’Arcy Carden) — which instructed her to find Chidi (William Jackson Harper) — and she’s trying to summon Janet again, but can’t quite recall her name. Meanwhile, Michael chats with his boss, Shawn (Marc Evan Jackson), who seems fairly convinced that this experiment will fail again, dooming Michael to a most painful ‘retirement.’ “

As TV Guide noted, the early clips from The Good Place Season 2 indicate that Eleanor could be off to a slow start in realizing the true nature of her eternal home. It took her almost the entirety of the first season — right until the final moments of the season finale — to realize that Michael’s Good Place was actually a very Bad Place, and it appears that the show is once again setting up viewers for a long haul in the second season.

The only difference will be that in this season, fans know that they are trapped in the Bad Place, so there are expected to be some new twists. While those remain to be seen, show creator Michael Schur has shown quite a bit of creativity in past projects and an ability to keep shows fresh well beyond the initial concept.


Those who want to see if The Good Place Season 2 spoilers come true will not have much longer to wait. The second season will kick off on Wednesday, September 20, at 9 p.m. on NBC with a special one-hour premiere.

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