‘BB19’ Spoilers: Who Won The Power Of Veto, Will Live Feeds Present More Exciting ‘BB19’ News Tonight?

BB19 spoilers now include who won the Power of Veto today (September 9). The live feeds have presented a lot of intriguing BB19 news over the past 48 hours, but there was a lot relying on what took place during the Week 11 Veto Competition. CBS and producers took down the live feeds so the final five houseguests could battle for the Power of Veto, and when they were turned back on it was quickly obvious who had won.

Leading up to this, additional BB19 spoilers had revealed that Josh Martinez was the new Head of Household. It seems that Paul Abrahamian had figured out a way to get everyone to throw the HOH Competition again, allowing Josh to take the power in the BB19 house. At the Nomination Ceremony, Josh went with Alex Ow and Kevin Schlehuber, and putting them on the block turned out to be a very emotional moment for Josh and Alex.

There are only five houseguests left standing on Big Brother 19, meaning everyone got to play in the Week 11 Veto Competition. Paul Abrahamian, Christmas Abbott, Josh Martinez, Alex Ow, and Kevin Schlehuber all got the chance to take the power in the mid-week competition. So who won the Power of Veto this week? It was Paul who was able to win the Week Veto Competition.

The Veto Competition lasted nearly five hours, giving online subscribers an afternoon and early evening packed with cute animals on the feeds. Since all of the animals are up for adoption, maybe it even worked to get some of the viewers interested in taking one home. It is a good strategy that has been employed this season, plus it is more interesting to watch than the screens of fish that seasons like Big Brother 18 had used at length. It also gave fans a lot of time to interact and discuss the BB19 cast members in the chat rooms.

Since Paul Abrahamian now has the Power of Veto, it is very unlikely that anything will take place at the Veto Ceremony. He will put it back in the box and then place a vote with Christmas Abbott on who will join the BB19 jury next. This means that either Alex Ow or Kevin Schlehuber is about to spend their last week in the primary house. While there is still time for more BB19 spoilers to come out over the next few days, it seems very unlikely that Alex is going to survive it.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]