‘BB19’ Josh Gets Played By Alex, Is Shocked by A Christmas Confession, Contemplates Taking Out Paul [Video]

The Big Brother 19 finale is just around the corner and only five people are left in the game, so live feeds from inside the house have been filled with emotion, contemplation, and game strategy. As such, some houseguests are doing what they can to make it to the end, while others are more concerned with their feelings.

Alex Plays On Josh’s Emotions

It should be noted that live feed spoilers reveal the current Head of Household (HOH) is Josh Martinez. He nominated Alex Ow and Kevin Schlehuber to sit on the eviction chopping block. Not long after the nomination ceremony ended, on Friday, at around 5:40 p.m. Big Brother 19 house time, Alex began crying.

Josh, who has worn his heart on his sleeve most of the BB19 game, was moved by Alex’s tears and tried to console her, but she appeared to be inconsolable. Finally, Josh decided it was best to leave Alex. As soon as he was gone, Alex looked at one of the live feed cameras, smiled, and mouthed something to the effect of her tears being fake, according to Big Brother fan site Joker’s Updates.

Apparently, Alex thought Josh needed more emotional torment, and headed to the HOH room to talk to him a few hours later. She questioned him about the game plan and then informed him that she was not sure if they could be friends outside the house, as she sniffled and rubbed her eyes. Josh bought her tears again but was informed by Christmas Abbott and Paul Abrahamian after Alex left the room that she was simply playing him with fake tears.

Alex had admitted this to Paul, saying her motivation was to make Josh feel bad because she knows he is vulnerable. Christmas and Paul told Josh that what Alex had done was exhausting him emotionally and he needed to get it together to do well in Saturday’s BB19 Power of Veto (POV) competition.

See video below of Alex crying to Josh about the game (Warning: Video contains strong language).

See video below of Christmas and Paul consoling Josh after nominations (Warning: Video contains strong language).


Josh Is Shocked By A Christmas Confession

Not long after his emotional upset due to Alex’s shenanigans, Josh clearly wanted to ensure he could count on someone in the Big Brother 19 game. Thus, at around 6:04 p.m. BB19 house time, he asked Christmas, who’s been his closest ally throughout the season, if she would choose him to take to the final two. When Christmas confessed she was unsure, as it was between him and Paul, Josh seemed shocked. Christmas added that she simply couldn’t make a decision at that particular moment. According to RHAP‘s most recent live feed update, Josh was truly devastated by this revelation.


Some may find such a move by Christmas perplexing; however, others may surmise that she is so dedicated to Paul because she may have strong romantic feelings for him, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Paul May Be In Josh’s Crosshairs

At about 7:30 p.m., Josh, left alone in the HOH room, began to speak to live feeders and verbalized that he might try to flip the Big Brother 19 house to oust Paul out of the game. He noted that he now believes Christmas could take Paul to the final two because she knows she can’t beat Josh due to his stellar game play.

Josh stated, according to Joker’s Updates, that he now feels alone in the game. He further theorized he could beat Kevin, Alex, and Christmas, but feels Christmas might be the only player who won’t take him to the end. Josh said his only reservation about targeting Paul was that he may have no backing from other players to get the Big Brother veteran out. In the end, Josh seemed more confused about what his next move was going to be and whether he would truly take a shot at Paul.


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