Mia Khalifa Does Not Want You In Her Twitter DMs -- Ever

Chanel Adams

Mia Khalifa has made it clear that she doesn't want anyone sliding in her Twitter DMs. The former adult video star publicly calls out anyone who attempts to contact her on social media. She has never gone back on her vow. She will call out celebrities, athletes, and public figures -- it doesn't matter who they are. Yet, these guys never listen. They give it a shot anyway. Cubs star Willson Contreras is the latest one to slide into Mia's DMs. He deeply regretted his decision when she trolled him on Twitter.

Mia Khalifa is known for her adult videos. Her fans love interacting with her on social media. Ever since she left the industry, she's been attempting other careers. She now writes a sports column and sometimes hosts sexy cooking shows on YouTube. She also calls out athletes who attempt to slide into her DMs. Khalifa exposed Chicago Cubs catcher Willson Contreras. The 25-year-old baseball player slid into her DMs to let her know that he's a big fan of her work. Khalifa told him to leave her alone and he wouldn't back off, reported Maxim.

So, she took to Twitter to call him out. She wrote, "Cubbies, your man's is wandering around left field. Can you come get him? @Cubs."

In the attached photo, Contreras spammed Khalifa with a string of messages. It looks like he was hoping to get a response out of her. He did, but for the wrong reason. The agency that represents Contreras claims that he was hacked, which sounds unlikely.

How can fans successfully slide into her DMs? By being themselves. Khalifa remarked that she had to change the number of DMs she receives every day. Only one guy has successfully done it so far and now she's been dating him, according to American Flare.

Unfortunately, she wouldn't say who the lucky guy was. She also doesn't go into great detail about how he won her over. Malia Khalifa's fans shouldn't attempt to slide into her DMs because it probably won't work.