‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Spoilers: Everything You Need To Know About The Show’s 100th Episode

There is no stopping AMC’s epic zombie show The Walking Dead from hitting its glorious 100th episode in this forthcoming month. Naturally, spoilers have now gone aplenty, so rich, and at times, cannot be handled outright. So what better way to deal with them? Dish them with the full intent to satisfy the zombie-crazed fans — hang on, the details are coming!

First on the list is probably the most underused fan favorite in the previous season. Underused as she was, the upcoming eighth season of The Walking Dead is all set to redeem her often redeeming qualities. Digital Spy confirmed that perennial survivor Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) is bound to be all-out with her famous temperament and mischief in the show’s next installment. This news is especially refreshing to those who found the character to be under-utilized. And who can blame them? Miss Peletier spent the whole last season being all by herself, holed up in an abandoned house.

Actress Melissa McBride during The Walking Dead: Screening and Conversation.

Showrunner Scott Gimple via TV Line has also shared, “Her entire storyline has prepared her for this. She’s ready.” He added that the character’s courage and seemingly interminable strength that she portrayed is quite a satisfaction. Meanwhile, Gimple also enlightened the fans about King Ezekiel’s (Khary Payton) storyline in the imminent season. He revealed that he’s not going to wage war against the current baddie Negan, although the character will have some of the most intense scenes. Ezekiel and Carol’s characters are also bound to be in contrast relative to the war that is being waged at the moment.

The nefarious nemesis Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is next on our list. The recently released synopsis of the upcoming season has suggested that the bat-toting character may finally reap his comeuppance. This, if it would really transpire, will provide a contrast to the winning side of the spectrum — with Rick and Ezekiel leading the pack. But as to how and who will lead Negan to his demise still remains mysterious at this point.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan during the Talking Dead Live

In other news, actors Steven Ogg (Simon), Pollyanna McIntosh (Jadis) and Katelyn Nacon (Enid) have all been reportedly bumped to series regulars in the upcoming season, so expected these characters and their storylines to be featured prominently. The Walking Dead’s Season 8 central storyline is expected to revolved around the “All Out War,” taken from the franchise’s comics. In these issues, readers found Rick (Andrew Lincoln), along with the Kingdom and the Hilltop all charging against Negan and the Saviors in the Sanctuary, in which they trapped the owner of Lucille. Based on Volumes 20 and 21, the storyline also took a surprising turn when Rick and his company went after the other outposts of the Saviors, providing Negan time to plan his own attack on Alexandria.

The eighth season of The Walking Dead, which will consist of 16 episodes, is to be broken down into two sections with eight episodes each — quite akin to some of its previous installments. The popular show’s season 8 opener is set to premier on October 22 on AMC.

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