‘Big Brother 19’: Raven Walton Says Everything She Said In The ‘BB19’ House Was True—Including Her ‘Dance’ GPA

Big Brother 19 evictee Raven Walton stands by her stories. Walton, the most recent casualty of the CBS reality show’s double eviction twist, told the Hollywood Reporter that the tales she spun in the other Big Brother house are all true, including the fact that her mom was struck by lightning and is in Mensa.

During her stay in the Big Brother house, Raven Walton detailed a long list of seemingly far-fetched stories to the other houseguests, claiming she had a relative that was on the Titanic and has a history as an Olympic athlete. Some of the Big Brother housemates have alleged that Raven Walton is a pathological liar. But in the aftermath of her eviction from the Big Brother house, the raven-haired beauty reiterates that all of her stories are 100 percent true.

“Uh, yes, my mom was really struck by lightning,” Walton told THR.

“It may have been when I was little or before I was born, but it happened when she was in a car and she went through the steering wheel. My mom is a very strong woman. She’s a force of nature. And yes, my mom could be in Mensa. She is super duper smart and she was offered to be in Mensa a couple of times.”

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Raven who suffers from gastroparesis and wears a pacemaker in her stomach, said her mother suffers from the same disease as she does. In 2015, Raven and her mom, Stacy Sawyer, shared their story with an Arkansas TV news station to make other people aware of the debilitating disease. You can see Raven Walton and her mom in the news report below.

But Raven Walton found a bigger audience when she shared her story on Big Brother.

“I’m a storyteller!” Walton told THR.

“Everything I told in the house was true. Everything I’ve gone through, everything my mom went through, all the crazy stories I experienced, yeah!”

Raven Walton claims to suffer from a multitude of ailments. In addition to gastroparesis, Raven told her Big Brother housemates that she has “Rough Kneecap Syndrome” and “Raven’s Disease,” a disease so rare that only she and a family in Sweden have it. Walton also said she needs a hysterectomy, knee surgery, and has an inverted spine. But Walton said even with her long list of medical problems, her doctors cleared her to compete on Big Brother 19.

“Yes, it was safe,” Raven told TV Guide of her stay in the Big Brother house.

“I’ve dealt with disease my whole life, I know how to take care of myself. I had my medicines. If I get sick, there’s nothing else they can do except say ‘take your medicine.’ This disease makes me who I am and I’m glad I got to share it with the world and spread the word at gastroparesis.”

Raven also said she stands by her answer to her Big Brother housemate Paul Abrahamian’s question about what her GPA was in college. Walton famously answered that her GPA is “dance.”

“[I stand by my answer] 100 percent,” Walton told TV Guide.

“Dance is my outlet. When I dance, I feel no pain, I feel normal. I love spreading the joy of dance. It will always be my outlet. I am a dancer with a stomach pacemaker! It may be a struggle at times, but it’s worth it.”

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As for her future, Raven Walton has reunited with her Big Brother showmance, Matt Clines, in the show’s jury house until the Big Brother 19 finale. Raven Walton also addressed her future with Matt, telling Entertainment Weekly she has already made plans for her life outside the house with her reality TV boyfriend.

“We have a pretty bright future,” Raven told EW. “We’ve made plans to travel already too. I think that Maven will have a future. We’re attached at the hip and connect on so many levels.”

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Take a look at the video below to see the Big Brother houseguests questioning Raven Walton’s stories.

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