‘Alaskan Bush People’: Rain Brown Pens Heartfelt Message To Fans & Haters Amid Mom Ami Brown’s Cancer Battle

Alaskan Bush Peoples Rain Brown has taken to Instagram to post two impassioned messages — one meant as a shout out to her “haters” and another as a thank you message to her supporters.

The 15-year-old Rain has stayed active on social media, posting heartfelt messages and videos for her fans, whom she often refers to as “Rainbows,” amid her struggles dealing with mom Ami Brown’s cancer diagnosis. For the past week, Ami’s illness has worsened, leaving her with only 3 percent chance of survival.

Last week, as if Rain Brown isn’t dealing with enough grief as it is, one fan criticized her for continuing to post selfies on her Instagram despite her mother’s battle with cancer.

Rain, however, wasn’t about to take it lying down, as she fired back with another selfie photo, captioning it with a long message to get her point across.

“Yep another selfie❤️ you gotta love yourself kids no matter who try’s to push you down, you wouldn’t believe the people I have had trying to make me mad and a bad person but I just throw love they’re way along with a witty remark???? anyway my point is always remember love is never wrong❤️???????????? just be and love yourself the rest will fall into place.”

Rain Brown posted another selfie photo after a few days, this time to share her “flower kisses.”

Alright last one lol just had to share my flower kisses????

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Rain Brown wasn’t done, however. On Saturday, Billy and Ami Brown’s spirited daughter posted on Instagram again, this time not with a selfie but an image with the words “I don’t have haters, I only have fans in denial” written on it. She captioned it with a rather long message to get her points across, which you can read below.

I just wanted to say a couple things, one I never said that I don't know what people magazine is I lived in Alaska not in a hole, two i post things for the people that love me and that love my family I don't do it for haters that judge me, three I don't know if y'all haters noticed but my mom kinda has cancer and I've been stuck in LA for the past few months thanks for your compassion! (Jk) four, you don't know what I am going through you don't know me so don't act like you do, ever hear the quote the hearts that are broken the most are hid by the biggest smiles? Yep! It's true! Shocker! Five the show has been running for almost seven years now last time I checked people grow and learn things unless you stayed completely the same since you were nine. And yeah guess what trying to hurt people that are going through so much pain doesn't make you any smarter prettier or better, sorry you don't like your life don't try to ruin mine too ❤️ PEACE!

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While Ms. Brown was clearly hurt by the criticisms she received online over her selfies, she is feeling grateful for the support her “beautiful little rainbows” have shown her amid mom Ami Brown’s cancer diagnosis. She expressed that gratitude by posting an image of a big heart filled with rainbow colors, which she captioned with a long thank you message.

Last month, Rain posted an Instagram video to thank her followers for their “support and love,” adding that having “so many Rainbows out there” has been making a big difference in helping her deal with her grief. She tried to fight back tears while delivering her statement, showing clearly her grief over mom Ami’s cancer diagnosis.

As of this writing, Rain Brown has over 17,000 followers on Instagram.

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