Shocking Video Of ‘Drunk’ Toddler ‘Forced To Drink Beer’ And ‘Smoke Cannabis’ By Teenage Parents Emerges

A disturbing video of a visibly drunk toddler being coaxed by her teenage parents, 18 and 17 respectively, to drink alcohol and smoke cannabis went its rounds all over social media, leading to their arrest, as reported by Mirror.

The footage shows the little girl swaying and trying to stay awake as her parents encourage her to drink from a bottle of alcohol and to smoke what appears to be cannabis. At one point, the toddler almost fell over before her mom caught her. Instead of making the infant comfortable, the mother offered her the cigarette again before breaking out in giggles.

The unidentified teenage parents said the video was meant as a joke and claimed that they had not really offered their little daughter alcohol or cigarettes.

According to reports, the couple is believed to have forced their girl to smoke cannabis.

After receiving calls from concerned citizens who had seen the video on social media, officers from Police Investigation Brigade, the Secretariat of the Ministry of Childhood, and authorities of the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office arrested the couple at their home in Formosa in north-central Argentina. The child was taken away from her parents and was brought to the temporary care of her grandmother.

The mother, who is still a minor at age 17, will be tried in accordance with the juvenile justice system. Her legal status to that of the little girl’s father was not revealed in previous reports.

People from social media were quick to express their disgust over the video.

“Parents? They are not parents, anyone can have children but that does not make them parents,” said one Natalia Sosa.

“They deserve the worst! Poor princess,” wrote another.

“They do not deserve to be parents. That small angel.”

It was only two months ago when another toddler was served alcohol at a restaurant in Georgia. No one was arrested, however. As it turns out, the alcoholic drink was served to the 18-month-old girl by mistake, Fox News reports.

The Smith family was dining at a restaurant in Vinings, Georgia, when they ordered apple juice for their daughter, Aaliyah. It was only when they were about to leave when they noticed that something was wrong with the juice that was served to their daughter.

The family then asked for the manager, who confirmed that the drink that was served to their daughter was indeed alcohol. To make amends, the manager insisted that they don’t pay for the meal.

The Smith family took their daughter, who appeared to be “a little off-balance,” to a doctor, who said that her blood alcohol level was at 0.065.

“She would have been sipping on alcohol all day and possibly died,” Alexis Smith told NBC News 11.

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