Katie Holmes 'Doesn't Care' That Tom Cruise Is Angry Over Jamie Foxx Secret Romance

Katie Holmes has kept her relationship with Jamie Foxx a secret for five years out of respect for former husband Tom Cruise and the divorce agreement she was forced to sign following their split. Now that her romance with the Logan Lucky star is out in the open (although it's been an open secret for years now), the Dawson's Creek star is basking in the freedom of knowing that she doesn't have to hide anymore.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Tom Cruise is feeling "betrayed" over the fact that her former wife struck up a relationship with Jamie a year after their divorce. There's also the aforementioned divorce clause he had Katie sign prohibiting her from publicly dating another man and having that supposed boyfriend near their daughter, Suri Cruise.

Even so, Katie Holmes has had enough of Tom Cruise's demands, according to a source for Hollywood Life. In fact, Holmes is reportedly ready to enjoy her love life without caring one fig about the Top Gun actor's feelings anymore.

"Katie is desperate to live her own life, and she is no longer worried about Tom's feelings anymore," an insider told Hollywood Life.

"It has taken Katie years away from Tom to become no longer afraid of upsetting the powerful ex. Katie feels she has been more than respectful of Tom's privacy and the time has come for her to move on with her life. She has been secretly in love with Jamie for some time and is happy to take her affair out of hiding. Katie has finally decided to live her life for herself and not worry about Tom's emotions. It has been over five years since their split and Katie can't help it if Tom is still hung-up on her actions or love life. She is happy to finally be living outside of Tom's shadow and does not care what he thinks or how he feels about her life anymore."
While Holmes is open to becoming more open about her relationship with Foxx following their much-publicized romantic stroll at a Malibu beach over Labor Day weekend, the actor is reportedly reining her in. According to the same source, Jamie has asked Katie to keep their romance low-key for fears that doing otherwise could compromise the intimacy of their relationship.

"Jamie still wants them to pump the brakes on going too public but it's got zero to do with Tom, it is more about protecting their privacy and safeguarding their love," the source added. "Jamie believes they will be cursed if they go too public. Katie is ready to be more public but Jamie is holding them back, he thinks maintaining their privacy keeps things more intimate."

Since Katie Holmes hooked up with Jamie Foxx a year after her divorce from Tom Cruise, the couple went to great lengths to keep their relationship hidden, opting to meet up at secluded dating spots to avoid being photographed by the media. Jamie was asked numerous times about the relationship but insisted that they are just friends, even shrugging the rumors as "fake news" at one time and then labeling them "hilarious" in another.

Despite their efforts, the lovebirds were caught engaging in flirty behavior a handful of times. In 2013, they were caught dancing at a charity bash in the Hamptons. In March 2015, the sneaky couple was found out again when a photo of them holding hands in a recording studio emerged online. Back in May, a fan snapped a photo of Jamie and Katie enjoying an intimate dinner, intensifying the dating rumors once again.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, will we see more PDA moments from Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx compared to before? Will Jamie be a father figure to Suri considering that Tom Cruise already severed his relationship with his daughter on account of his obligations to The Church of Scientology? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]