‘The Murder Of Laci Peterson’ Has Viewers Questioning Scott Peterson’s Guilt

Scott Peterson has been waiting to die for over a decade. He was convicted of murdering his wife, Laci Peterson, and their unborn son, Conner. The case began at the end of 2002 with what everyone believed was a missing person case. Unfortunately, a fetus was discovered in April of 2003, washed up on the shore, and just the next day, Laci’s dismembered body was also found near where the fetus had been found. It appeared to be a slam dunk case, and much of America believed Scott Peterson murdered his wife and their unborn son.

A new docu-series has brought Scott Peterson back into the spotlight. It has been nearly 15 years since anyone saw Laci Peterson alive, but her memory lives on. The show has presented viewers with an inside look at the case and evidence. Many people who are watching were younger when Scott Peterson became a household name, and now, there is piqued interest in the case. According to The Hollywood Gossip, The Murder of Laci Peterson is providing more details than were available back when the case was playing out years ago. As the case takes center stage once again, there are more questions than answers being brought to the forefront.

Laci Peterson was discovered in bad shape. Her body was present, but her head was not attached. Three of four of her limbs were either gone or badly damaged. It was a heinous sight, one that the people who saw it will never forget. There has been some debate about whether or not Conner was delivered while she was still alive, or whether he was expelled from her body after she was gone. It appears that he may have died along with her, though nothing was actually confirmed. In fact, Laci Peterson’s family didn’t get answers about what the official cause of death was. Her dismembered body could have been intact when she died, or the heinous acts could have happened while she was still breathing. There is no way to tell for sure.


Several questions have been raised about Scott Peterson and his innocence. He was convicted in the court of public opinion immediately. Scott had a mistress who came forward, which shocked the nation. Saying he wasn’t a good guy was not an understatement, but was he capable of murder? As The Murder of Laci Peterson plays out, there are some viewers who are questioning his guilt. Social media has been buzzing as the episodes air. Two very distinct sides come to watch every week: the ones who believe he is absolutely guilty and the ones who believe that he was convicted because America thought he did it.


The truth about what happened to Laci Peterson will never be told. Her justice came in the form of Scott Peterson being sentenced to death — a sentence he is still waiting to be carried out over a decade later. The situation surrounding Laci’s final moments will never be known, and with Scott insisting years later he is innocent, there is no closure for her family who mourns her every single day and has for years.

[Featured Image by Justin Sullivan/AP Images]