‘LPBW’ Amy And Tori Roloff Just Proved That Baby Jackson Is Getting Cuter By The Day

The eyes of the Little People, Big World community might be on the impending arrival of Baby Girl Roloff, but Jackson, the first grandchild of Amy and Matt Roloff, continues to attract more admirers from the family’s massive social media community. If Amy and Tori’s recent social media activity is any indication, it seems like Baby J is simply getting cuter by the day.

There is absolutely no doubt that Jackson Roloff is ridiculously adorable. Since he was born earlier this year, the LPBW community has been gushing over him, mainly due to his incredibly cute appearance and his consistently pleasant disposition. As the months go by, however, it seems like Baby J is just getting more and more adorable. A little bit too adorable, in fact.

Just take Tori’s latest activity on Instagram, for example. Baby Jackson mostly dominates his parents’ social media streams. Tori’s posts over the past 24 hours, for example, have been exclusively about Jackson. The reality TV star could be seen gushing over her child, stating that if it were up to her, she would just spend all her time with Baby J.

Tori further described Jackson as her “main squeeze,” considering that the current youngest member of the Roloff family is growing and getting notably chunkier. Tori’s affection towards Baby J and his cuteness ultimately culminated in the last two videos on her Instagram Story, where the reality TV star could be seen pinching and playing with Jackson’s huge and undoubtedly soft cheeks.

If Baby J’s actions on his mom’s short video clips are any indication, however, it seems like he was enjoying the attention. In one of Tori’s Instagram Story videos, Jackson could be seen blowing bubbles and smiling at his mom while she played with his face.

Amy Roloff, the matriarch of the popular reality TV family, has also constantly gushed over her grandson over the past few months. This was shown yet again in Amy’s latest social media post, where she could be seen posing for a candid picture with her grandchild. As stated by Amy in her most recent update, she is currently spending a lot of time with Jackson while she continues to wait for the arrival of Baby Girl Roloff.

“I’m just hanging with my grandson Jackson because we can’t wait to meet baby girl granddaughter/cousin. So so much love with this little man.”

Looking at Jackson’s disposition in the videos and photos that he is featured in, however, it definitely seems like he thrives on all the affection and attention given him. Overall, Baby J appears to be extremely content, and that, of course, is everything parents and grandparents could ask for.

Little People, Big World is expected to return for its new season later this year.

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Instagram]