‘BB19’ News: Is Christmas Abbott In Love With Paul Abrahamian? Live Feed Talk May Reveal True Feelings [Video]

On Thursday morning, shortly after midnight in the Big Brother 19 house, cast member Christmas Abbott lay alone in her Head of Household (HOH) bed speaking to live feed cameras. Not only did her intriguing talk divulge some of her strategy and BB19 game play, but may have revealed she has very strong feelings for fellow houseguest Paul Abrahamian, prompting some to ask whether she is in love with him.

During her confession to Big Brother 19, Christmas noted on live feed video there is “chaos” going on in her head and because cameras are always on her, she must keep her guard up. She further said she must be careful when her “heart flutters.”

Christmas continued to say the “scary part” about everything is she knows “exactly” how she’s feeling and noted, “I’m not just normally in a position where my heart gets away from me, but I feel like it’s getting away from me. My heart is getting away from me.” Christmas said she’s feeling “physical and emotional heartache.” She called this a “purgatory of emotion.”

As Christmas talked, her BB19 HOH monitor is seen on the video, and Paul is in the kitchen milling about. She reacts to this with, “What are you doing?” Then a few minutes later after Paul leaves the area and then returns, Christmas says, “Paul makes me smile,” following the statement with, “There’s a little nugget of information.”

Christmas then lamented, “I’m going to come out of here and discover whether my heart is broken or healed.”


Although some of what Christmas said may have been referring to a breakup that occurred outside the house, others argue she was expressing her love for Paul.


On the latest RHAP discussion, which took place Thursday night, host Rob Cesternino, along with live feed correspondents Brent Wolgamott and Taran Armstrong, discussed Christmas’ revelations and the meanings behind them.

Brent stated he believes Christmas has real feelings for Paul because he’s seen a “weird connection” between the two BB19 houseguests. He went on to say Christmas is “hot” for Paul and there is a “natural chemistry between these two… at least going from her to him that I cannot deny watching the feeds.” Brent noted this explains why Christmas is not willing to listen to negativity about Paul coming from her close ally in the game, Josh Martinez.


Rob then asked Taran about his thoughts regarding Christmas’ feelings for Paul. Taran said it is still unclear whether Christmas was speaking about Paul, and he really doesn’t think Christmas is in love with the bearded BB18 veteran player. He added that Christmas may have been overly emotional because she is rumored to have been engaged and her wedding was supposed to have taken place around this time.

Nevertheless, Taran did concede that Christmas spends a lot of “physically intimate” time with Paul, including stroking his hair. Brent interjected with, “…spooning with him in front of other people,” which prompted Rob to ask if Christmas was the big or little spoon. Both Taran and Brent said in unison, “Big spoon.”

Brent further asserted that he never stated he thought Christmas was actually in love with Paul, but believes the two have a very strong spiritual connection.

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