Will Pippa Middleton Get Sick Like Kate Middleton? Husband James Matthews Disappears After Wedding & Birthday

Now that she is married, it looks like domestic affairs interest Pippa Middleton a lot more than her amateur athleticism. After her wedding to James Matthews, instead of gearing herself up for another endurance race, she has been spending a lot of time in London. This caused some pregnancy rumors to swirl around her, but right now, the attention is on her sister Kate Middleton, who announced that she is pregnant with her third baby.

Like in her previous pregnancies, Duchess of Cambridge is again suffering from severe morning sickness, which caused her to cancel engagements with the public.

“We need Catherine to get over this first bit and then we can start celebrating,” the Duke of Cambridge said, according to the Irish Independent. “It’s always a bit anxious to start with, but she’s well.”

To make sure that her older sister is doing okay, the English socialite started to visit her at Kensington Palace, according to Us Weekly, making sure she does not feel alone in this endeavor. Their mother, Carole Middleton, also came by in “a black Land Rover” to shield her privacy.

But according to some sources, it looks like Pippa may also have some good news of her own. The rumor has it that the 33-year-old Middleton also may also be in the early stages of pregnancy.

“Pippa always said she wanted to start a family as soon as she got married, and now her wish has come true,” an insider told Australian Women’s Day. “It’s early days yet – and they have decided they don’t want to know the sex of their baby until after it’s born – but Pippa is convinced she is having a little girl.”

The source also reported that her morning sickness is nowhere as bad as her sisters. While she had to miss “a few gym sessions” and cancel going “cycling with friends,” early stages of bearing baby has not been “bad like Kate’s was.”

So far, after her wedding, Pippa has been spending her days quietly, not attending any major fundraisers, high society events or competing in races, marathons or hikes. In fact, she and her husband, James Matthews, are almost never seen together.

James and Pippa celebrated their birthdays just days after each other, but were not seen together on both evenings. They were not seen in any restaurants, lounges or event spaces to celebrate the important days together.

The recent bride showed signs of doing a smaller event for, at least, his birthday. On that day, she was seen shopping for craft supplies.

“Newlywed Pippa Middleton must have plenty of time on her hands these days – she’s taken to making her own birthday cards, much to the irritation of fellow shoppers,” reports Daily Mail. “My spies spotted Pippa stocking up on card-making materials at a branch of Paperchase near her West London home ahead of hedge fund manager husband James’s 42nd birthday.”

On the other hand, James Matthews may have a lot to worry about as the natural disasters wreak havoc on his property. When Hurricane Irma hit St Barths, it destroyed “the luxury Caribbean” he owns, according to the Telegraph.

Do you think Pippa and her husband James are laying low after their wedding because she is pregnant? Or do you think this is another groundless rumor? Let us know in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]