Jacob Roloff Has A New Project, Will He Come Back To ‘Little People, Big World’ ?

Little People, Big World family member Jacob Roloff has been in the news for all the wrong reasons (at least, as far as LPBW fans are concerned), but now, the Roloff family’s once-wayward son is working on a new project, The Hollywood Gossip is reporting.

As you know, the Roloffs’ youngest family member hasn’t always been on the best of terms with his family, and most certainly not with the show that made him a household name. Once he got into his late teens and early adulthood, he went through a rebellious phase where he publicly belittled Christianity and religion (in spite of the fact that some members of his family are devout Christians) and, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, purchased marijuana.

If his attitude towards his family’s beliefs and lifestyles was “strained,” his attitude towards LPBW was downright antagonistic. He publicly left the show, calling his family members “Roloff characters”; decrying the show as “scripted”; and saying he was “swindled” (he used a different word, beginning with the letter F) out of his share of the money from the show.

Now, a couple of years on, Jacob is somewhat apologetic about the way he handled himself in those years.

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As The Hollywood Gossip reported in June, Jacob admitted publicly that he just needed to “grow up” a little bit.

“Now I’m like, ‘I don’t need to hate [everything].’ Essentially that is to say, I grew up.”

Now the new-and-improved Jacob is working on his next project: his second book.

“I am working on book #2, which will be titled Out To See and coming soon.”

The new project will essentially be a follow-up to his first book, Verbing, which was essentially a three-part memoir about his spiritual journey.

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Jacob’s new attitude and new lease on life have fans wondering if he’s going to return to Little People, Big World. And in fact, his presence at sister Molly’s wedding has fueled the rumor mill; by all accounts, he was helpful and enthusiastic, in spite of the fact that TLC cameras were there at every turn.

Of course, just because Jacob went through a rebellious phase doesn’t mean that he doesn’t still love his family. It could very well be that he turned up at Molly’s wedding because she’s his sister, it’s a major family event, and being there was simply the right thing to do.

As of this writing, there is no indication that Jacob Roloff will be returning to Little People, Big World.

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