May 14, 2016
Khloe Kardashian Slams Kris Jenner For Buying Rob A New House: 'You Are Lying' Khloe Tells Kris [Video]

Khloe Kardashian is fuming mad that her mother, Kris Jenner, bought Rob Kardahisan a new mansion, hurling at the "momager" she's one of the world's biggest "liars!" According to a new teaser clip from Season 12 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloe is deeply hurt that Kris is supporting Rob now that he's engaged and expecting a new baby.

In a confessional during the clip, Kardashian explains that for years, she tried helping Rob—and only got grief for her efforts. In fact, the Kardashian family slammed her so bad for trying to help Rob, who was living with her, that she would have "such deep fights in my family" who claimed the Stronger Looks Better Naked author was "enabling Rob" by letting the only male Kardashian live with her.

At the time, Rob was deeply depressed, overweight, and diagnosed with Type II diabetes because his lifestyle was so unhealthy. Khloe confessed that during those two years, Kris Jenner "yelled at me the most" for enabling her brother during his darkest days.

Now, Khloe admits she's angry her mother is now helping Rob land on his feet, calling it "mind-blowing" that Kris is buying a new home for Rob. Confronting her mother, Khloe tells Kris that she's "a liar. You are lying" when Jenner explains that Rob "has the money for the down payment," adding that she's "not a liar."

In fact, Jenner explains that she's just trying to help her son who is "very excited" he's going to be a new father. Kris advises Khloe that she's expected "to be supportive and get on board," while Khloe concludes the conversation by telling her mother that she's "just allergic to b******t."

Khloe, in particular, seems to be having a harder time accepting Blac Chyna as part of the family, particularly since Khloe spent years trying to help Rob Kardashian get back in shape and change his life. Meanwhile, Blac Chyna has been able to transform Rob in just a few short months, "[s]o, naturally, it was a little harder for her to accept the fact that all of a sudden Blac Chyna was the one who got him into the land of the living again," an insider revealed to People.

Khloe and Rob Kardashian are currently not even on speaking terms, with Khloe confirming that she doesn't speak to her brother right now. Rob was summarily asked to vacate Khloe's mansion after she learned that Rob had moved Blac Chyna into the home, sparking the search for his own mansion.

According to sources, however, Khloe Kardashian is trying to bury the hatchet even though she's less than thrilled with Rob's choice of a fiancee and mother of his child. Insiders reveal that "Khloe loves and supports Rob and always has," adding that Kardashian has "always been his biggest supporter and has been trying to get him on the right track for years."

For now, it seems Khloe Kardashian is trying to help Kylie Jenner heal from her break up with Tyga. In a series of Snapchat messages between the sisters, Khloe tells her sister all about her best qualities, revealing Kylie Jenner's real nature.

Asking her sister "[i]n three words, Kylie, who is Kylie Jenner?" the makeup mogul reveals to Kardashian that she is "sensitive, weird and I love really hard…can you tell me who you think I am?"

Comforting her sister following her break-up, Khloe confesses that her little sister is "so incredibly smart, deeply, deeply loving and incredibly generous. I have a lot more words that you are, Kylie, but I do want to say hysterical as well."

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[Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images]