Holmes And Cruise: The Hold The ‘Top Gun’ Star Has Over Her, Why The Actress And Foxx Now Going Public

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have been divorced since 2012, and the former A-list couple have carried on with little contact, yet reports keep surfacing that Cruise has a certain hold on his ex due to a said contract that was signed.

The action super star has been known as a devout member of the controversial Scientology faith, which is said to have played a role in both his divorce from Nicole Kidman as well as from Holmes. Rumors continue to swirl that reasons Katie is being so secretive in her current relationship with Jamie Foxx, all come down to how Tom Cruise will react to a public romance.

As the Daily Beast reminds, Tom Cruise’s behavior over the years has been nothing short of strange. Who can forget the Oprah couch-jumping episode when the star confessed his love for Katie Holmes enthusiastically to millions of viewers?

The odd behavior is said to be due to Cruise having “turned his life over” to the Church of Scientology. As one of the faith’s most famous members, Tom’s involvement with the church and the manner the church has had a hold on his personal life, has pretty well been made public. This hold then had a reach to Katie Holmes, and the beauty had clearly had enough by 2012 when she called Cruise one fateful day to tell him their marriage was over.

So in a sense, it is really the Church of Scientology that has maintained a grip on Katie. As the publication reminds, journalist Tony Ortega followed the early relationship of Tom and Katie closely and noted that “Katie made the effort initially to become a Scientologist herself, and then escaped later.”

Ortega went on to relay that while Holmes was a member of the faith, she had a “Scientology handler, Jessica Rodriguez, who was reportedly assigned to accompany Holmes during the Batman Begins press tour.”

The journalist added, “Jessica was answering questions for Katie in interviews, and it was really, really weird.”

Although the truth as to what brought the marriage to an end was never fully revealed by either of the former couple, it is believed that the hasty decision by Holmes to call it quits all came down to Cruise’s intentions to send their only daughter, Suri Cruise, away to a school run by the church. The quick settlement involved a stipulation that Suri would have no involvement in the faith, which is why Cruise has gone years without seeing the adorable mini-Katie. Ortege relays the details.

“When Cruise and Holmes split in 2012, it was amidst rumors that the star feared her husband was planning to ship their daughter Suri off to Sea Org—an elite training division of the Church that requires its members to sign a ‘billion-year contract.”

As to why Holmes and Foxx have been more public with their PDA’s, such as the one most recently involving the secretive couple holding hands in Malibu,, it likely has to do with a said divorce contract running its course. The contract reportedly indicated that Holmes was not allowed to date for five years following the couple’s divorce, as People notes.

Maybe this means that Tom Cruise will be matched with someone new as well, yet it seems that any new romance will have to be given the OK by the Church of Scientology.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]