Solar Eclipse, Hurricane Harvey, Irma Are The Signs of End Time Prophecy?

When the 2017 solar eclipse covered the entire continental America last August, some Christians began to think that the phenomenon was a preliminary sign of end time from God. In less than a month after the eclipse, Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas, damaging thousand of homes and forcing 785,000 people to evacuate. Afterward, Hurricane Irma is lurking over the Carribean Sea and preparing to make landfall in South Florida.

This three phenomenon have made some Christians to consider them as serious prophetic message. The Christianity Post called them as “the odd Christians,” such Pastor Paul Begley, the host of online radio talk show “Coming Apocalypse.” Begley said that the eclipse signified the mark for the beginning of tribulation that mentioned in the Bible.

Another pastor, Scott Clarke from the Eternal Rhythm Flow (ERF ) Ministries also suggested the eclipse, which he said to be connected with the astronomical alignment in September, as the sign of end times. Clarke said that the alignment between Jupiter and the Virgo constellation will fulfill the prophecy in Revelation chapter 12. The passage mentioned about a male child who was born from a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet, which will rule over nations with a rod of iron.

Following the eclipse, Hurricane Harvey slammed Houston, pouring in the record breaking torrential rain. Harvey is later followed by the Category 5 storm Irma that threatens the South Florida after closing in on Puerto Rico last Wednesday. Irma is predicted to make landfall in Florida late Saturday or early Sunday.

The outer band of Hurrricane Irma as it approaches San Juan Puerto Rico last Wednesday. [Image by Staff Sgt Douglas Ellis/U.S. Air Force/Getty Images]

In accordance with the interpretation of the end time prophecy, Rabbi Yosef Berger of the King David’s Tomb on Mount Zion, Israel also iterated the prophetic message in the upcoming Hurricane Irma, with the eclipse and Hurricane Harvey as its prelude. Rabbi Berger related the two hurricanes with the nuclear capability of North Korea and he called Kim Jong-Un as the king of East, which was prophesied in the Bible.

“Prophecy is meant to reinforce that God is behind all these events…”

However, some Christians pastors denied the significance of those three consecutive events, including the North Korean nuclear threat with the end time prophecy. One of them is Greg Laurie, a senior pastor at the Harvest Ministries in Riverside, California. Since the eclipse, Pastor Laurie has rejected the relationship between the three phenomenon and the North Korean nuclear threat with the end time prophecy.

The battered "Lone Star" flag in the midst of the Hurricane Harvey,
The battered flag of Texas after the Hurricane Harvey made the landfall on Aug. 26. [Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]

Regardless of the significance of Hurricane Irma with the end prophecy or not, South Florida has prepared for the evacuation ahead of the storm. Meanwhile, some religious leaders have already interpreted these three consecutive events as a serious prophetic message. They consider the eclipse, followed by two hurricanes as the fulfillment of the ancient messianic prophecy and the second coming of Christ.

[Featured Image by NOAA/AP Images]