Mark Cuban Versus Donald Trump? The GOP Is Begging For It To Happen

Mark Cuban has confirmed that the GOP has been attempting to recruit Mark to run against Donald Trump for the Republican nomination. According to Fox Sports, Cuban, who currently owns the Dallas Mavericks, thinks he could put Trump "in his place" in a toe to toe billionaire bid for the presidency, but Mark doesn't feel he has enough time to wage a serious campaign.

According to the Washington Post, Cuban communicated via email that he will be passing on the opportunity to derail Trump who is currently the GOP front-runner.

"I don't see it happening," Mark's email stated. "[Donald Trump] could come after me all he wanted, and he knows I would put him in his place. All that said, again, I don't see it happening. There isn't enough time."

Mark Cuban joins the ever growing list of the GOP's desperate attempt to give Republicans a less controversial option than Trump. While some Republicans have thrown their support Donald's way, others have vowed to elect anyone but Trump almost assuredly giving the Democratic nominee the oval office.

Mark Cuban's no-nonsense approach to business and self-made success certainly would make him a formidable opponent and help the GOP save face, but as many others who have been approached in the last ditch effort to save the Republican party, Cuban seems to feel that the GOP is a day late and a dollar short in their effort to get ahead of the potential Trump disaster.

Many people recognize Mark Cuban from his tenure as an investor on the ABC reality show Shark Tank. While Cuban has a reputation for being one of the more reasonable and less toxic "sharks" for budding business owners to work with on the show, Mark is also known for his frankness and high expectations of others due to Cuban's own personal financial success story.

Ironically, it was another shark based television project that might have predicted Cuban's rise to the oval office. Just last year, as previously reported by Inquisitr, Mark portrayed the President of the United States while fighting alongside Ian Ziering in the cheesy B-movie Sharkando 3. Perhaps Mark's stellar shotgun skills in the film are what prompted the gun enthusiast Republicans to eye Cuban for a run at the presidency, but more than likely it was Cuban's astute observations on the economic and political climate of the U.S.

In an op ed piece written for Cuban's weblog, Mark explained the importance of candidates changing with the times in an effort to capture the millennial vote. Cuban discussed the relevance of sociocapitalism in the current young voting culture-- the notion that entrepreneurs who experience financial success also want to pay it forward to the less fortunate.

Mark explains that this notion is what has helped Bernie Sanders appeal to the younger demographic. That being said, Cuban goes on to say he does not see "a single instance of leadership from any of the candidates."

"This year's candidates seem to want to prove to everyone that they conform to 'party principles' rather than offering strategies and solutions and rallying consensus behind it. In fact, they argue with each other about who conforms to party standards more," Cuban writes before becoming more critical. "...A leader would come up with new ideas and new solutions for issues that are outside what everyone is talking about and make people realize just how important they are to the country."

While Mark Cuban may not have a desire to be the leader of the free world, Mark's challenge of the current candidates and their ideals via his blog certainly seems to indicate Cuban has put great thought into what leading the country should look like.

For now, however, Mark Cuban's supporters will have to accept that Cuban's political aspirations are relegated to his Sharknado 3 term as the POTUS.

If you would like to read Mark's full analysis of the presidential race, click here.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]