California Shoplifter Allegedly Crushes The Skull Of A Good Samaritan Who Offered To Pay For His Goods

When a Good Samaritan offered to help out an alleged California shoplifter, the suspect, rather than thanking the kind stranger for his generous offer, decided instead to crush his skull, according to West Hollywood police.

As CSN News reports, the incident took place early Saturday morning at a 7-11 in West Hollywood. Police say that the suspect, later identified as a homeless man named Kisu Brown, was attempting to shoplift items from the convenience store. An unidentified Good Samaritan saw the man’s plight and offered to pay for the goods Brown was allegedly trying to steal.

Instead of being motivated by kindness and generosity, the would-be shoplifter took offense. A struggle ensued, the West Hollywood PD reports on Facebook, and the would-be Good Samaritan attempted to leave. However, Brown, apparently not satisfied with the outcome, allegedly followed the victims outside and pulled an ax from a pocket. Then, police say, he beat the victim so hard that he crushed the victim’s skull.

The suspect then ran off. The victim, meanwhile, was treated for his injuries, which included lacerations on his hand as well as a fractured skull. As of Wednesday afternoon, the victim was in critical but stable condition, according to the San Diego Union Tribune. His condition as of this writing is unclear.

The West Hollywood P.D. posted horrifying surveillance footage of the assault, which you can see in the video below. Be warned that this video contains graphic content that may be disturbing to some viewers.

Brown has since been arrested and charged with attempted murder. He is currently in jail in lieu of $500,000 bail.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Jeff Bishop praised the Good Samaritan for trying to do the right thing.

“What you think you’re doing is a nice and generous thing, and somebody just takes it out on you like this. [It’s] incomprehensible. Very unfortunate.”

This is not the first time a Good Samaritan has lived to regret attempting to help out.

As WFLA (Tampa) reported in June, a Florida man soon came to wish he hadn’t tried to help a lost little girl. Authorities say that a Lakeland man was at a park when he noticed a young girl wandering around, looking lost. He went to the girl and tried to help her by asking her where her parents were and attempting to lead her to a safe place.

However, when the girl’s father and his friends witnessed the man walking with the girl, they concluded that he was trying to abduct her. After beating him severely, police arrived and determined that no crime had been committed, and the man was just trying to help out.

The Good Samaritan declined to press charges against his assailants.

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