‘BB19’ Player Josh Has Figured Out Paul’s Game But Christmas Won’t Listen, Or Is She? She Shares Her Thoughts.

Big Brother 19 fans have watched Josh watch Paul to figure out his game play. While Josh sees that Paul doesn’t have any interests in mind but his own, he can’t get his partner, Christmas, to open her eyes. Josh has shared it all with Christmas, who just won’t give an inch.

The following may contain BB19 spoilers. If you don’t want to know the details, stop reading now.

Christmas has done her best to talk Josh down each time he came to her regarding Paul. The big trigger was when Paul won the Power of Veto this week. He planned to use it to save Alex because it would strengthen his bond with her. Josh understood that Paul removing Alex from the block was only good for him. In fact, it exposed Christmas and Josh more to the BB19 houseguests by having to place another nominee on the block.

Christmas became so frazzled at times over Josh trying to get her to follow his thoughts that she actually told him to discuss it with Paul and let him explain it all. Not because Paul should be confronted, but so Paul could tell him all the things he told Christmas that made her blind to what is going on around her. And the whole time, Paul maintained control over the BB19 house.

Well, it seems that maybe Christmas has been paying attention more than BB19 fans thought. A little after midnight she had a talk with the cameras to let live feed viewers know her thoughts. She feels that Jason needs to go before Kevin. She also believes that if she pushes the issue, Paul will evict Alex. The targets as of right now are Jason, Kevin, and Alex.

Christmas shared that she knows what Josh is saying is right. He has figured out Paul’s game. She apparently has no plans to target Paul, however, because at no point in her conversation did she mention interfering with his plans. She did discuss post-game friendships, however. Christmas said that she has become very attached to her BB19 housemates but knows that after the show, the friendships will fall through the cracks.



Christmas discussed heartbreak as well. Although she didn’t say it, her wedding to Geoff Kercher was supposed to have been on September 3. She shared with BB19 live feed viewers that she would know when she left the BB19 house if her heart was healed or broken.

It sounds like Josh has made some progress with his game partner. With them both paying attention and staying aware, can one of them manage to win the game? Do you think Christmas or Josh would target Paul and remove the biggest threat in the BB19 house? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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