Hiring Boom 2013: Employers Set To Make Big Gains In New Year, But Uncertainty Remains

A hiring boom is expected for 2013, but economists are torn on how much of a recovery the job market will see in the coming year and when exactly it will take place.

Most career counselors agree that hiring will pick up in the New Year, though some believe a still-weak economy will make the job growth slower and put a damper on an expected hiring boom in 2013, US News and World Reports noted.

Job growth has been better than expected in the past month. The economy added 146,000 jobs in November, more than the 85,000 economists had expected.

Robert Meier, president of Job Market Experts, a Florida-based firm that helps match job seekers with openings, told US News and World Reports that many employers are spending this period preparing for a hiring boom in 2013

“Historically, the first quarter of any fiscal year is always the best time to expect hires because of the normal cycle of business,” he said. “Companies are kind of lying low, but now is the time when they do the talent evaluation. If you can get into the evaluation cycle, you have a good chance of getting hired.”

But many believe a hiring boom in 2013 will be dampened by the threat of a fall off the “fiscal cliff.” The tax implications are not yet known, and may not be for some months, conditions that some believe will cause hiccups in hiring.

Worlwide, a rise in technology and high-tech fields is expected to bring a hiring boom in 2013 as well. The Telegraph, a UK-based newspaper, noted that the boom in smart phones and mobile device apps has brought about a need for more high-tech workers, a trend that has also been seen in the United States.