‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Raven’s Night Of Escalating Lies In ‘BB19’ House

Big Brother 19 spoilers from the CBS live feeds last night reveal Raven might have set a new record for the number of lies she can tell in one night. While it’s clear that the Arkansassy BB19 houseguest does have a stomach pacemaker, beyond that, there is no telling what’s really going on with her since she contradicts herself constantly as she loses track of prior falsehoods, and can’t seem to control her urge for one-upmanship. Last night, Raven was on a roll, and the (alleged) lies came pouring out. Here are some of her latest outrageous stories.

Check out the live feeds flashbacks from 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 6 to listen to Raven dominate the conversation with Paul and Christmas, barely giving them the chance to talk. Paul peppers her with leading questions to call attention to contradictions and the ridiculous points she raised. With showmance pal Matt gone, the other houseguests have complained about her non-stop talking, and many are now actively avoiding her.

Big Brother 19 live feeds Raven highlights

1 — Raven said a “demon” once came over her mother

In addition to being lightning proof and a record-setting runner, Raven’s mama has a temper so bad it’s like she’s possessed by a demon. It caused her to leap on Raven’s brother from the porch and beat him black and blue after he called their mom the B word.

2 – Raven got drunk in college, was an occasional ninja

Although she’s got myriad illnesses that are about to kill her, she talked about drinking vodka excessively, seeing how many spins you can do drunk, and jumping out at people dressed as ninjas. FYI, she took two summers of classes and had 12 hours of classes a day.

3 – Raven got a “little bit” of a degree

Paul asked Raven if she got a degree and she said “a little bit.” Paul asked for clarification on her major being dance and her minor being business. The school Raven says she attended, Belhaven, does offer a degree in dance but it’s a four year, not a two summer, degree.

4 – Raven can play piano by ear and has a rare instrument

Not only is she a master dancer, but is a piano prodigy that can play anything by ear and has a rare grand piano made in 1886. She says it’s cherry wood which is illegal now. Raven said Pachelbel’s Canon is her favorite.

5 – Raven’s mother has animal summoning powers

Raven said her mother loves critters and snatched the conversation back from Christmas to say her mom is like “Snow White” and can summon raccoons to her – a whole herd of them. She added “no lie” and said her mom feeds them all.

Last night’s festival of falsehoods and other BB19 fibs

The Tamara Tattles blog cataloged a list of Raven’s “illnesses and wild claims, ” and the list is up to a whopping 113 items. It’s worth reading if you’re a Raven fan or need ammunition for an upcoming Raven Exposed Party. Here are a few highlights from the list.

  • Raven and her mother are extraordinary athletes. She can run a fast mile, her mom set a running record, dying Raven runs marathons, and she once trained for the Olympics.
  • Raven taught her dog 24 tricks but could only name the standard sit, shake, and roll over.
  • Raven got anthrax in the mail when she was little, but a doctor was able to save her in minutes.
  • Raven has hyperthyroidism (or hypo, she said both) but can’t treat it because you need chemotherapy to address it and it will kill her.
  • Raven and her mother both had their colons removed, and she had a seizure caused by Matt tickling her.
  • Raven had family on the Titanic.
  • Raven coughs whenever she cleans her ear with a Q-tip.
  • Raven is a model, and the name of her agency is “Agency.”

Also, it seems that Raven’s family or friends re-activated her Go Fund Me page. To see the most recent batch of exaggerations, tune your live feeds into camera one and two from last night starting at 9:30 p.m. and going for about an hour. Big Brother Network‘s live feeds report from last night also covered a mini-Raven Exposed Party that Jason and Kevin hosted.

Tonight, it’s the second BB19 double eviction, and Kevin and Jason are on the block with Jason slated for eviction unless something drastic changes in the next few hours. Alex is the hopeful target of Paul’s core alliance for the second eviction, although the HGs don’t know it’s a double eviction. Paul is hoping to throw the next HoH to Raven to target Alex so he can save himself for the following week’s HoH.

Catch up on BB19 live feeds action on Christmas and Josh questioning Paul’s motives, the F2 deal Paul’s been keeping secret and check back for other Big Brother 19 spoilers and news.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]