‘The View’ Hosts Indignant Over Huckabee Comment In Wake Of Father-Daughter Visit

Yesterday, Whoopi Goldberg summed up the Huckabee father-daughter visit to The View as a show that generated a “really good discussion.” Today it is learned that while Whoopi sees it as “really good discussion” Mike Huckabee deemed the behavior coming from the ladies of The View “irrational.” The women co-hosts also got wind of the former governor’s critique of their behavior, and the women are quite incensed over his comment. They came out verbally swinging and spewing forth their objections over Huckabee’s thoughts on Thursday’s show.

Former Governor Mike Huckabee and his daughter, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is the White House Press Secretary joined the ladies of The View for their ABC daytime show on Wednesday. According to Too Fab, it looks as if the panel of ladies from the show see their time with the father and daughter a bit differently than Mike Huckabee did.

Huckabee is not the only one, and there are some news media sites reporting that the women on the show weren’t very hospitable to Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Fox News reports, “The View hosts go after Mike Huckabee and Sarah Huckabee Sanders.”

Mike Huckabee appeared on Fox News today and discussed his Wednesday segment on The View. He said he hadn’t expected too much from the hosts even before he got to the stage to join the panel on The View.

“I didn’t go in there thinking they were going to give me warm hugs and kisses. I’ve been there many times. I think it’s important that those of us who are conservative that we’re willing to go into the lion’s den, that we’re not afraid, we’ve got a position we’re willing to defend it,” he said on Fox News this morning.

Then he dropped the bombshell, or at least that’s how the ladies of The View expressed their feelings about it today.

“Frankly, it juxtaposes our view and spirit versus theirs, which is full of anger and irrational anger towards the president.”


That comment didn’t escape the ladies of The View, who spent the first part of their show Thursday calling out Huckabee over his “irrational” comment. Whoopi Goldberg said on today’s show, “We were not irrational, we asked you questions and told you how we felt and we allowed you to do the same.”

Behar was adamant that the comment Mike Huckabee made about the women on The View would never be said about men. She said, “We really worked hard to do a fair interview and I resent that you would do that… I resent that you would do that because you would never say that about Stephen Colbert, you would never say that about Trevor Noah, so why are we irrational?


To sum up the father-daughter appearance on The View, the word “tense” is used by Too Fab.

Joy Behar suggested on Thursday’s show that calling women “irrational” or “hysterical,” is a feminine thing, not something people would say about a man. She also finds it interesting that Huckabee “sees us as hating Trump irrationally when the hatred towards Hillary Clinton and President Obama was like a hurricane level, it was a big big hatred for the two of them.”

Behar goes on to say, “I don’t hate Trump, I don’t like what he’s doing.” Goldberg talked on-air Thursday as if Mike Huckabee was listening to her. She said she’s “kind of pissed off about this Mike, it’s not right.” She also said that the ladies treated Mike Huckabee’s daughter with respect during yesterday’s show.

Many people across the social media sites didn’t see it that way. Neither did some news outlets. To sum up the father-daughter appearance, the word “tense” is used by Too Fab. As seen below, Salon report, “Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar take turns embarrassing Sarah Huckabee Sanders.”


According to PJ Media, Behar lambasted Sarah Huckabee Sanders for defending a man who doesn’t tell the truth. She threw out the statistic of “95 percent” of what Trump says is a lie, without giving a solid quote of that statistic. She did say some news media sites have said this. PJ Media describes how the hosts on The View “badgered the Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders about working in the Trump administration.”

Donald Trump would never treat Sarah Huckabee Sanders the way she was treated by the ladies of The View, which was a suggestion by some social media users and commenters leaving their thoughts on the various articles reporting this today. Some of the commenters online find the treatment of Sarah Huckabee Sanders by the hosts rather ironic. It was coming from people who find Trump’s behavior rude. Joy Behar tells Huckabee Sanders, “I feel sorry for you that you have to go out and defend these lies every day.”

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