Pumpkin templates for your videogame-themed jack-o’-lantern

Do you possess the artistic flair and steady hand of a highly-strung gibbon? Yeah, join the club.

For non-artists like you and I, fellow sufferer, Hallowe’en is a dreaded time. While our talented, artistic friends carve majestic pumpkins, we produce quite pathetic whittlings. Every year, we sheepishly show up with the most clumsily cut jack-o’-lantern at our respective Hallowe’en gatherings. Rejected, we become pumpkin pariahs.

But no longer! Somebody on the Internet called Susan has come to our rescue with a whole batch of free gaming-themed pumpkin templates. Thanks, Susan. Some of these are based on game characters, so I thought I’d give her a plug and direct you here before you set blade to fruit.

That Link isn’t the best (though still way better than I can manage), but I think we can safely say the Bowser, Luigi, and Megaman are splendid.

[Via Susan’s Pumpkin Carving Patterns]