Game-breaking bug in Borderlands wipes character skills

I’m playing through Borderlands at the moment on Xbox 360, and loving it. It’s intelligent, has great art, and is heaps of fun to play with friends. Only snag: it’s also proving to be buggy for some players.

While my time with the game has been glitch-free, *touches wood* a number of Borderlands players (across Xbox 360, PS3, and PC) are reporting that their character skills are resetting to zilch when they join or leave an online play session.

Apparently, the only solution is to restart the game with a brand new character, a royal pain in the ass when you’ve spent hour after hour blasting Skags and bandits to kingdom come. If this did happen to me… well, I can’t type what I’d say here. It would melt the Internet. Thankfully, developer Gearbox has promised one affected player on its forums that this would be sorted asap:

“We’re working on it. Unfortunately there isn’t a fix just yet, but when one is available we hope to be able to repair as much of your character data as possible.”

A shame, because Borderlands really is cracking, especially online. Here’s hoping Gearbox are swift and good to their word.

[Via 1UP]