Kardashian And West’s Surrogate Has Everything They Could Want To Carry Their Third Baby

More information on who Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s surrogate is coming to light. She’s a young woman who has everything the pair were looking for when it comes to carrying their new baby.

On Thursday some details were spilled on the surrogate selected to carry their third baby and she more than fits the bill for Kardashian and West! Short of identifying her by name, sources “familiar with the pregnancy” elaborated a bit more to TMZ on what Kim and Kanye’s surrogate is like.

According to the website’s sources, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s surrogate is an African-American woman in her twenties and has been happily married for five years. She’s a college graduate and has already given birth to two children, making her experienced in the pregnancy and labor department. The surrogate is incredibly fit, healthy, and is a registered Democrat. To sum it up, she’s everything the couple could ask for.

As reported, the surrogate was paid $45,000 to carry Kardashian and West’s baby and must adhere to a strict health regime while pregnant. As People reports, Kardashian was heavily involved in the process for months of choosing the perfect surrogate. Due to the Kim’s health being at risk carrying a third baby, she and Kanye made the decision to hire a surrogate.

Kardashian and West’s surrogate reportedly had to agree to specific terms for the pregnancy, an earlier report by TMZ revealed. The conditions include abstaining from sexual intercourse three weeks after embryo implantation and not have anything to do with drinking, smoking, or drugs. Their surrogate is prohibited from going into saunas and spas, dyeing her hair, and must stay not go near or change cat litter. Furthermore, the surrogate isn’t allowed to drink more than one caffeinated beverage per day and not eat raw fish.

If Kardashian and West’s surrogate was pregnant with multiple babies, she’d be compensated $5,000 each one. If she loses reproductive organs, she gets $4,000. The couple was also required to pay $68,500 to the agency that the the surrogate is from.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s surrogate is halfway through the pregnancy now and is due to give birth to the baby in January.

[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Harper’s Bazaar]