Mariah Carey: Star Has Skinny Mirrors All Over Her House? Not Letting Body-Shaming Affect Her

Mariah Carey has been the target of some nasty body-shaming as of late due to having gained quite a bit of weight since the beginning of 2017. Unfortunately for the star, the year got off to a tumultuous start after having been dumped by billionaire beau James Packer and then taking to the stage on New Year’s Eve to give a disastrous performance, as Huffington Post reminds. The show resulted in Carey firing her head choreographer, and since that point her shows have reportedly been quite lackluster.

Mariah began dating her backup dancer Bryan Tanaka, and the two are still happily together. Although the star seems to be in a good place in regards to her relationship, ongoing weight gain has meant that the star is being critiqued constantly.

It’s surprising that fans and onlookers would focus fully on Mariah’s physique as opposed to giving the star credit for the decades she has been an incredible and prominent singer and songwriter, yet such is the world within which we live. Mariah is apparently not letting the body-shaming get to her and has installed skinny mirrors in her home to ensure that she feels like her best self each day.

In Touch notes the details regarding Mariah and dealing with the negative criticism.

An insider relays that “[Mariah] has been in a much better mood” since the mirrors were installed, also noting that Mariah is”very much in denial about her weight right now.” What’s the harm in being happy with how you look, even if it is a bit of a delusion as opposed to reality?

Carey’s own entourage is aware that the star’s weight gain is something that Carey is not keen on discussing and therefore she is left to live as she will and enjoy performing and being Mimi despite her size. Members of Carey’s team who get her ready and perform with the star are sure to keep away from revealing that costumes are a tighter fit or that her performances are less enthusiastic.

“No one on her team would dare tell her that an outfit is too snug or that she should lay off the late-night cocktails, sweets and refrigerator raids. If they did, they’d be looking for a new job,” the source states.

Mariah recently admitted during an interview that she definitely has always suffered from low self-esteem, and that not giving into the negative is the way out of that suffering.

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