'Outdaughtered' Stars Under Fire For Lying To Fans About Doing It All Alone

Mandy Robinson

Everyone seems to love Danielle and Adam Busby of Outdaughtered, but these two are under fire from some fans who feel they have been lying about taking care of the girls on their own. Danielle and Adam have six little girls, and their family doesn't live with them. Mimi has lived with them a few times and recently moved back in after losing everything in her house to Hurricane Harvey. Entertainment Daily shared about how some fans of the show are not happy to find out that the Busby family actually has a nanny.

Adam works full-time, and Danielle does make it seem like she is handling their kids on her own, but from time to time on the show, they will reveal a babysitter. Last night, they showed Danielle sending someone off to get the girl's blankets to pack for vacation.

Danielle always looks great and the house is pretty clean, but she is seen picking up on the show as well. They do make it seem like they do it alone. When they went out of town to Nashville, Danielle's sister and brother-in-law watched the girls at the house for them.

Now, reports are coming out that Danielle and Adam Busby have a nanny to help them. Sources are saying that they have one and used to have another one, but who works with them has changed. It is being reported that she has been shown on the show but is identified as a "family friend." Nobody knows why they wouldn't be honest about the matter, but some fans are saying that they don't want to watch the show at all because of this lie.

One fan even said that they know the nanny and that she works 40-plus hours a week at the Busby house. This would mean that they do get a lot of help, but not that they have help full-time. Now that they own Rush Cycle, they are a bit busier as well. Everyone is just curious as to why the Busbys wouldn't talk about their nanny on television if they have one helping them all the time.